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Welcome to Pendencrystals

My name is Kaysha and I have been Pagan Wiccan for sixteen years and I believe strongly in the craft and it is a normal way of life for me. When I first started out on my path I had to learn many different things and I wanted to share with you the things I have learnt and the things that are important to me, so within my site you will find lots of information about the craft, the tools we use in the craft along with all of the Tumble stone meanings and what they are used for. Learning about Wicca should be fun not boring or time consuming it should come naturally to you as you learn all about the Wicca way of life.

I have tried to share as much information as possible to help any new comers to the craft and who knows maybe a few new things for the 'old timers'! So then a little more background information on how this site came about and how I became Wiccan.

My love of the Wiccan craft started over 16 years ago and over time I learned a lot about the craft and decided to share a lot of the information I have learnt over the years through this site. I have also tried to share with you as much information about Wiccan and the craft as I possibly can and I keep adding new and interesting articles which I hope you find inspiring and informative. Please have a look at all the different sections to the site where hopefully you may find out a few new things to help you discover the Wiccan way of life. For all newcomers to the pagan way of life I hope you find all information on the site helpful on your chosen path in life.

Other articles on this blog

Find out where your favourite tumble stones come from along with their magickal properties and healing properties. How to cleanse your tumblestones some tumblestones dislike water where as some love sunlight or moonlight to cleanse away negative energies. I also give the MOHS hardness scale for each individual tumblestone along with the different colours each tumblestone comes in, if the tumble stone is rare or common also how to use tumblestones in your every day life and Wicca and pagan rituals.

Also misleading tumblestone names don't be caught out buying a lovely tumblestone only to find out it is a fake stone or dyed tumblestone or you may even have that particular tumblestone but it is known by another name, you can find out all tumblestones, crystals and gemstone properties in our detailed guide on the A-Z of tumblestones.

I offer you a warm welcome to Pendencrystals and I hope you enjoy your time here remember to follow me as I am up dating regularly!