Incense Recipes

Christmas 1
2 parts frankincense,
1 part pine needles (crushed),
1 part ground cinnamon,
1 part ground nutmeg,
1 part cedar (crushed chips),
1 part juniper berries (well dried),
1 part ground clove.

Christmas 2
1 part frankincense,
1 part ground cinnamon,
1 part bay leaf (crushed),
1 part ground clove,
1 part ground mace.

Easter and other celebrations of spring
1 part fennel (dried leaves, crushed),
1 part anise seeds (crushed),
1 part coriander seeds (crushed),
pinch of ground cinnamon,
2-3 drops geranium oil.

1 part sage (preferably the dried leaves crushed),
1 part Arabic gum,
1 part bay (leaves, crushed),
1 part ground nutmeg,
2-3 drops sandalwood oil,
2-3 drops benzoin oil.

Samhain 2
2 parts frankincense,
1 part powdered benzoin,
1 part ground cinnamon,
pinch of saffron,
1-2 drops lemongrass oil,
2-3 drops vetiver oil.

St. Valentine's Day
1 part sandalwood,
1 part bergamot,
3 drops patchouli oil,
2-3 drops Ylang-Ylang.

3 Parts Frankincense
2 parts Dragon's Blood
1/2 Part Red Sandalwood
1 Part Cinnamon
Few drops red wine
To this mixture, add a pinch of the first flower (dry it first) that
is available in your area of Imbolc. Burn during Witchcraft
Ceremonies to attune with the symbolic rebirth of the Sun - the
fading of winter and the promise of spring.

Lavender summer potpurri
(all ingredients are dried):
4 cups lavender flowers 1 cup mixed culinary herbs, such as oregano,
thyme and rosemary ½ cup southernwood
2 cups pink rosebuds and petals 1 cup spearmint
¼ cup chopped orris root or other fixative mixed with 1 tsp. essential
lavender oil.
Combine all ingredients
and store in a glass jar or zip lock bags for 2 - 4 weeks to allow it to blend. Display in pretty glass or ceramic bowls, or put into sachets or pouches


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