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This section is for all the different questions I have been asked over time, so I decided to do this section to help you as I find many questions come up the same so thought it would be easier to place them here. So I hope this helps. Remember I am only ever an email away so if there is anything you would like to ask me then please email me at

I will update this section over time so please ask any questions and I will add them here.

Do I convert others to become a witch/Wiccan?
The simple answer to this is no I do not! If I was to try and convert someone I would be assuming the other person's belief is not as good as mine and that is wrong. It is up to the individual to choose their own path/way in life it certainly isn't up to me to make a decision for someone else. My son and my husband are not Wiccan/Pagan and I would never attempt to change their feelings or views to how I feel or what I believe.

Am I part of a coven?
No I work alone or in other words I am solitary I just prefer it that way.

Have I always been Wiccan?
No I found my path 16 years ago after a lot of soul searching. I always seemed to be searching for something but never really knew what! It was sixteen years ago I found my path and never looked back, on the blog you will find information how I found my path if your interested.

Are all of my friends Wiccan or Pagan?
No not all I do of course have friends who follow the same path as I do but I also have friends who do not follow the Wiccan path.

Do I celebrate all the Sabbats and Esbats?
Yes I do they are important to me so I celebrate them all

What music do I listen to?
This is a strange question and made me smile! I actually listen to a lot of different music but mostly I prefer Llewellyn music when I am relaxing but I do have my moments when I am listening to heavy rock music!!

The Gods and Goddesses what is on my altar?
I actually have the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses on my altar and always have. Those are the ones I am comfortable with, Wicca is not an organized religion so you follow what you believe. There are of course many other Gods and Goddesses but I follow the Egyptian ones.

Am I open about being a witch and Wicca?
Yes I am all of my family and friends know I follow this path. I have never had to hide this from anyone and personally I wouldn't hide it ~ I am what I am.

Do I read the tarot and angel cards?
Yes I do and I have been reading for 15 years now.

Do I offer tarot readings
Yes I do please email me for details or see details within the blog. I am available at

Can I help with learning Wiccan?
Yes I can but I do not give classes or anything like that, I am available if you have any questions or comments and I will do my very best to help you again please email me.

Are members of my family Wiccan?
Basically no my husband isn't and my son isn't as such. My son is far more open then my husband is, my parents were not however mom did like having her cards read! Sadly both of my parents have passed now but dad was half and half on what he believed when it came to spirituality but he did like having his card read when he was in the mood but he wasn't wiccan.

Do I worship the devil?
No I do not believe in the devil or Satan, those are Christian concepts and Wicca is not a Christian based religion.

Am I anti-christian?
No not at all I respect any religion all I ask is you respect mine.

Do I wear a pentagram?
Yes I do , it is a symbol of my religion it represents the never ending renewal of life.

I have recently been asked if I would do commissioned artwork?
Well the answer to that is yes and no! It really depends on what your looking for majority of my designs are photo manipulation/ digital art work so if you were looking for certain colours or wanted particular words added upon the design then yes I can do that for you, it is better if you would email me along with what your looking for then I can arrange to do that for you, so please email me at and please give me full details on what you would like and I will be in touch with you.

Do I have a witches cat?
Hmmm!! Well I do own a cat but I would hardly call him a witches cat! He is a very lazy fat tabby cat so certainly not in tune with the normal 'witches cat' being black. So I guess the answer to this is no to the witches cat but yes to a lazy fat tabby cat!

Do I have a wand?
Yes I do and I made my wand myself which took me quite a while to accomplish but I am very proud of my wand and I took great care when making it.

Do I burn shop brought incense or charcoal disk incense?
Well for quite a while I actually used shop brought incense and I used a variety of different fragrances. These days I actually make my own so I use charcoal disks. The reason for this to start off with is over time I became some what allergic to shop brought incense I found I would cough a lot especially the next day. So I decided to try and use my own herbs and oils and I experimented with different herbs to find the fragrances that I liked. Again that took me a while but I got there in the end so I use my own recipes and my own herbs. Of course I also purchase resins as the only one I can find locally to me is pine resin as we have quite a large amount of pine trees in the woods near to where I live.

Do I sacrifice animals?
Heaven above NO! I really do not understand how some people could ever think Wiccan or Pagan is about animal sacrifices. I am THE biggest animal lover I love all animals and I have had many different dogs and cats in my time and I love each and everyone of them and yes they all lived out there natural life span all totally spoilt and very much loved. Wicca and Pagan is a nature based religion so life is sacred and should be treated with love and respect.

Do I sky clad?
The answer to this question is No I do not, I have been asked this so many times don't get me wrong I am not against it but personally for me I don't do that, each to their own I say if it feels right for you then by all means do this but personally I don't. For others who do not know what sky cladding is ~ it means naked Clad only with the sky.

Do I consider myself a witch?
Yes!! I practice magick wiccan pagan is a nature based religion and I follow the seasonal cycles and I follow the Wiccan rede so in a nutshell 'all wiccans are witches, but not all witches are wiccan'

Do I believe in reincarnation?
Yes I do and I always have, we live we pass we are reborn

Do I think there is a heaven and a hell?
No I believe in the Summerland a place where the soul can rest between incarnations

Do I have a favourite book?
Now this is a hard question because I am a book magnet! I love books and I confess I have a lot of them. Most of them are Pagan Wiccan related and I read them all pretty often but I can't say I have a 'favourite' as such I just love books and I love reading in general.

Can I recommend any books?
Again this is hard to answer because everyone is so different when it comes to reading tastes, if you were to push me into naming just one author then I would have to go with Scott Cunningham.

What is the difference between Wiccan and neo-pagan?
Neo-pagan basically means New Pagan.
Wiccan follows a pagan religion, Wicca a neo pagan can be any other kind of pagan, not just wiccans
pagan means rural, country dweller, so its basically the new version of already existing spiritual and religious beliefs Wicca is a neo pagan religion, but its not the only one there are others.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Isn't it annoying how people are always asking non-Christians if we worship the devil? Ignorant crapheads! Sorry, I feel kind of strong about this.

Anonymous said...

hi i would like t know how do i cleanse a reversible 7day candle that comes in a bottle i was reading how to consecrat and cleanse the candle bfore using

David said...

Always have been curious about Wicca, thanks for the insight. Nicely put together site.

Syn said...

Merry meet,
Thank you so much for this incredibly informative site. I especially thank you for giving me a little more insight into the area of death. I am very much in fear of death and just dred the thought. I am new to witchcraft and i love all that i am learning and practicing. Can you please tell me where I can find more information on the astral planes, timestream, and ITC. Thank you respectfully, Synda Nyx

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