Different types of candles and their uses

Different types of candles and their uses

Beeswax and Blended

Beeswax candles are easily available but are costly. 100% Beeswax candles have a warm golden colour and smooth, sweet natural fragrance. Beeswax candles are among the most expensive, but worth the price if you enjoy their special warmth. They are available in many styles and sizes, from rolled 'honeycomb' sheets to huge cathedral candles. Some colours are available, especially in the rolled style candles. A less expensive option is a beeswax blend candle, the most common being 51% beeswax and 49% stearine or other material. These candles are whiter than 100%       beeswax and more economical, but still have some of the same pleasing aroma as their more costly ‘friends’.

Regular Candles/pillar candles
Plain, straight round candles come in many sizes, which affect their burning time. These include: "minis" which burn a few hours; small votives types which burn 10 hours; jumbos which burn 15 hours; seven day (and even 14 day!) candles which burn for more than an entire week.
For everyday use I prefer using pillar candles as they come in a good range of colours and last well. This is especially useful for longer spells, with a burn time of up to 12 hours the quality and last long enough which is essential for the spell to work.

Cat Candles
Burned to reverse bad luck.

Chakra Candles
are useful for working with a holistic approach to our bodies, considering the opening and cleansing of all the chakras.

Cross / Crucifix Candles
Used as altar candles they cleanse the atmospheres and attract positive spirits from which you will receive aid.

Dinner Tapers
these slightly tapered candles are readily available in many colours and lengths. They are generally made of an oil-based wax and start with a white or uncoloured core so basically they are white underneath the colour so not solid coloured candles and they are inexpensive to buy

Household Candles
small and inexpensive straight-sided candles, 4-6 inches long. Colours are solid, but limited range available. White is the most common and least expensive.

Seven-Knob (Or Wishing) Candles
Burn an entire candle for a wish, one knob each day for a week. Write your wish down on a piece of parchment paper and place it below the candle before starting your ritual.

Image Candles
Candles in the shape of male or female. Act as an aid in the visualization process to associate the candle with the person toward whom the spell is directed and are good for love spells, choose your shape in your favourite colour and your desired mates representation in white.

Devil Candles
Burned to exorcise or release negative holds on individuals. As the candle burns, so does the evil in life disperse.

Skull Candles
Generally used for revenge, to break hexes & reverse adverse circumstances, and to banish death. The symbolism is that, as the "face of death" burns away, the practitioners will grow stronger.

Reversible Action Candles
Red candles coated on the outside with a layer of black wax. Burned to dispel evil influences and to send them back from wherever they came.

Traditional Candles
these candles are similar to dinner tapers, but have straight sides and a fluted base. Nearly as common as dinner tapers, but slightly more expensive. Colours are generally solid to the wick.

Votive, food warmer or tea lights
these small, oil-based candles must be burned in a container, as they liquefy when burning. They come in several sizes, from a 3-hour burning time to a 15-hour. White candles will remain the least expensive, with many colours and fragrances available. These are generally inexpensive candles, and can be used for many different purposes.

Speciality type candles

Double Action ‘Jumbo’ Candles Two-layer candles
symbolic of the good and evil forces of life. Burned in two ways at once - to draw beneficial energy and favourable circumstances, and to disperse harmful energy exerting a negative influence.

Novena or 7 Day Candle
A 9" tall, glass encased candle which burns for approximately 7 days. They are generally given very particular purposes, according to the designs and symbols on the glass jar.


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