Animal Totems

Native Americans believe that animals have much to teach us as they are messengers of Great Spirit
In Native American Culture a Power Totem Animal is an animal symbol that is there to guide them through their entire life

There are three other types of totems:

A Journey Totem that is with you for a period or phase of your life perhaps anywhere from a week to a year

A Visiting Totem who comes briefly with a message for the moment. It could be like a gentle nudge or a slap in the face calling us to awaken to a certain situation.

A Shadow Totem is an animal who initially you may fear. They represent the hidden side of yourself and will soon become your allies after certain initiations giving you the opportunity to overcome your fears

Totem animals come through to people in many ways including:
Asking animal power cards which are a set of cards with different animals created especially for exploring the lessons they have to teach us

Seeing a particular animal all the time ie. in books, when your out walking, on sign posts.

Having a favourite animal or one that you are particularly drawn to

An interesting way to discover which animals medicine you could learn from is to pick up a wild life book and with your eyes closed and the intent of finding your totem animal open it up seeing what page it opens to.

You may come across the hair or feathers of a certain animal on a walk

You may hear the call of an animal and be intrigued to learn whose call it was

You can call on the power of a particular animal to assist you in any area of your life. For example if you would like assistance bringing abundance into your life call on the buffalo.

The following list will help you discover why you are drawn to certain animals and the gifts they bring you. 

is known for its period of hibernation. Bear can help us with the ability to turn inward to access our strength and honour your nature cycles. He teaches us when it is time to act and when it is time to be still.

Has an amazing ability to build and create. Beavers can help you solve problems by creating solid solutions

Buffalo or Bison
Buffalo brings abundance and healing. The buffalo is sacred to Native American people and no part of him wasted.

A symbol of power. Cougar teaches you to balance your own. Cougar responds to any challenge with swiftness.

Is known as the trickster. He calls on us to look truthfully at our selves and our behaviour.

A messenger

Deer is alert and a symbol of sensitivity and kindness.

Dolphins are messengers between water and sky. They are playful and intelligent. They bring the message of harmony and balance.

A symbol of freedom and perspective. As a representation of great spirit eagle carries our prayers to the sky. He teaches us to fly.

Elk teaches about stamina, the importance of pacing yourself enabling you to successfully complete your chosen task

Is cunning and clever he moves with the utmost discretion. Fox teaches us to slow down and observe.

Assists with the cleansing of our emotions. With the element of water frog shows us how to start afresh.

A symbol of observation and awareness.

Represents strength and freedom. Horse teaches us how to use our power gracefully.

Explores below the surface by digging a little deeper therefore he helps us with our subconscious minds. Mole will help you explore the hidden parts of yourself.

Moose teaches us to be proud of our accomplishments.

Is the master at enjoying life. Otter is playful and chatty. The otter reminds us that play is a important aspect to enjoying our lives fully.

Represents wisdom. Owl has amazing vision bringing the gift of insight.

A symbol of fertility. Rabbit help us reveal our hidden talents.

Raven is the messenger from spirit world. He represents mystery

Symbolises transformation and the shedding of ones skin.

Shows us the connection of all life through the power of her web.

Is prepared for anything that life may present. They are extremely adaptable and teach us to trust that with preparation our own life will be simple and safe.

Is protected by her shell. She represents mother earth to some tribes.

Are the record keepers of the ocean. They bring us the gift of telepathy and teach us the value of sound.

Is a great teacher. He helps you find the answers within yourself. Associated with the moon wolf will help you develop your intuition.


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