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Here are a few things you may like to consider when it comes down to etiquette among the Wiccan/ Pagan community and maybe other people and other religions.

This is a No no don't go around telling other people that your friend is either wiccan, pagan or a witch ~ yes there are many of us out there but some of your  pagan friends may not like it broadcasted and your friend may not want the whole world to know. Always better to check and ask them can you mention this in general conversation if they say yes then fine but always respect your wiccan, pagan, witch friend.

Don't always assume that your friend has 'come out of the broom closet' he or she may only have 'come out' to some people not all.

Always remember even in this day and age wiccans and pagans can still be subject to persecution and prejudice.

Don't get into arguments with another person just because they don't believe what you do or if they seem judgmental to what you believe, I have come across this a few times especially with the older generation who follow the traditional way of doing things. I have had many comments such as 'what dribble' or 'what a load of rubbish' or even 'why don't you do something constructive' and yes there are many times I have felt like biting back and making a sarcastic remark in response to what has been said to me ~ I am only human after all and of course it can hurt but I have found simply smiling or shrugging their hurtful comments off you have the upper hand and they end up looking silly!!

Never touch someone's altar or ritual items this is a huge no it is perfectly fine to ask them if you may touch or hold something and if they are happy and say yes that is of course fine, but you may find some witches or wiccan pagan's do not like others to touch their items and I have to confess I am one of them! Now that doesn't make me miserable but I have spent time cleansing and allowing my positive energies either on my items or around them so I confess to getting rather 'annoyed' when someone else plonks their hands all over my things especially my altar. I admit pretty much everyone who knows me now knows I do not like that to happen so they don't! But you may come across a new friend or a visitor who is intrigued by all the different items you have so be polite and explain you will tell them what they are and even show them but please do not touch them. If they still do then they are not worth being around you in my opinion because they are not respecting your wishes!

Never do a spell that attempts to gain control over someone else or something and don't do magic in public.

Don't be at all surprised if when someone finds out that your a witch or wiccan or pagan that straight away they think you worship the devil or are into the dark side of things like the occult. Many people don't really understand what it is all about and I have had a few comments on those lines and also a few shakes of the head as if your on another planet then they are! You will get used to this just like I did and I briefly explain what it means but only briefly if they want to ask me anything else then I am open for that but don't go into a long detailed descriptions of what you do and what it all means. I normally say if your interested then I direct them here or say look it up on the internet.


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