Oil Recipes

For ritual use only
The following recipes are used during rituals to honour the Goddess and God, connecting with lunar energy, and for purification.
To mix put ingredients into a jar, if you feel they are too strong or irritate your skin, add more grape seed oil or almond oil.

Sabbat Oil one
Use for the Sabbats to help communication with the God and Goddess
3 parts Patchouli
2 parts Musk
1 part carnation

Sabbat Oil two
2 parts frankincense
1 part myrrh
1 part pepper
1 drop Clove

Full Moon Oil one
Anoint the body before Esbats to connect with the lunar energies
1 part Rose
1 part Jasmine
1 part sandalwood

Full Moon Oil two
Anoint the body before Esbats to connect with the lunar energies
3 parts Sandalwood
2 parts lemon
1 part Rose

Lunar Oil
4 parts Sandalwood
2 parts Camphor
1 part Lemon
Goddess Oil
Used to honour the Goddess during your rituals
3 of Rosa
2 parts of tuberous
1 part lemon
1 part palmarosa
1 part ambergris

God Oil
Used to honour God in your rituals
2 parts frankincense
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part bay
1 part rosemary
1 part Musk

Altar oil
Anoint the altar with this oil regularly at regular intervals to purify and empower.
4 parts Frankincense
3 parts myrrh
1 part galangal
1 part lemon verbena
1 part Lavender

Earth Element Oil
Used for spells of prosperity, abundance and stability
4 parts patchouli
4 of cypress

Air Element Oil
This oil helps to have clarity in your thoughts
5 parts Lavender
3 parts Sandalwood
1 part Neroli

Oil element Fire
Oil for strength, love and energy
3 parts ginger
2 parts Rosemary
1 part carnation
1 part petitgrain

Oil Water element
This oil is for love, cleaning, daydreaming, promotes psychic powers and premonitions.
3 parts Palmarosa
2 parts of ylang-ylang
1 part Jasmine

Anointing Oil
5 drops Sandalwood
3 drops Cedarwood
1 drop Orange
1 drop Lemon

Business Success Oil
3 parts Bergamont Mint Bouqet
1 part Basil
1 part Patchouli
1 part ground Cinnamon
Mix the oils and add the pinch of ground cinnamon to the base oil. Anoint the hands, cash register, business card or the front door of the place of business to increase cash flow.

Courage Oil
3 drops Ginger
1 drop Black Pepper
1 drop Clove

Energy Oil
4 drops Orange
2 drops Lime
1 drop Cardamom

Initiation Oil
3 drops Frankincense
3 drops Myrrh
1 drop Sandalwood
Peace Oil
3 drops Ylang-Ylang
3 drops Lavender
2 drops Chamomile
1 drop Rose absolute or otto


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