Tarot Tips

 I will be adding to this section as the weeks go by so please check back for more tarot tips!

Reading the tarot cards
When it comes to reading the tarot cards you can do it one of two ways ~ the easy way or the hard way!
Now from what I have experienced majority of people when they first start learning the Tarot always do it the hard way!

They suddenly have a lovely new deck of cards and sit down and think right I will crack this in an hour ~ wrong!
Unless you have a fantastic memory and I mean a fantastic memory there is no way you will learn the cards in an hour or two ~ simply never gonna happen as they say!

So how do you learn the tarot cards? Well most importantly you must go by your own instincts, forget all the information you find in books and of course the internet and also here on my blog ~ yes I did just say that!
All information in books, the internet on my blog and everyone else come to that is purely to help you, they are guides only.

Everyone will have a different meaning to every card in every deck so simply put no two tarot readers are the same. Now if you like doing things the hard way then be my guest and do just that but you will find you will soon come into problems and you will wish you had taken heed of my words here!

So what is the hard way?
The hard way is thinking you can have your tarot cards and think you will remember all the words, information and details that come with the book for your chosen deck, thinking you will remember it all and get it down to memory ~ trust me you won't and you will end up confusing yourself. Remember too much information all at once is very confusing for anyone!

So then the easy way
The easy way is for you to spend time with your cards sit quietly where you won't be disturbed for a little while and actually look at the cards, take maybe two or three each day and really study them ~ yes learning the tarot does in fact take time! Practice, practice and more practice is needed.
When you look at the card really look and think what does this card mean to me? Give the card one or maybe two special keywords you do not needs lots of keywords for each card that is the hard way! Yes
when you browse blogs, sites and even books you will find that most people have given the cards quite a few keywords, you need to remember those keywords are only a guide for you when starting to learn about the tarot they are not set in stone, if you do not feel any of those keywords when you look at the card then don't use them as they won't mean anything to you. Always go by your own intuition and never second guess just because you may have read or seen different keywords for the cards that maybe different to your own.

When doing a reading for someone else you should always go on your first instinct and never change that, there is no point in having all of these meanings from your little book if you have to force that meaning in to your reading, so always go on your gut instinct.

When I first started to learn the cards I brought myself a little notepad, I then sat down at my desk and started with the first card in the tarot deck and I wrote down the first word or thought that came into my head when I was looking at the card by doing this little excercise you will soon remember the cards when you next see them, yes it may take you a little while after all there are 78 cards to learn but practise makes perfect!
By all means look around the net and read your little book from your chosen deck for keywords etc but always go by what that card means to you.


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