All about Angels

All about Angels
 The word 'Angel' is taken from the Greek word 'Angelos' which means 'Messenger'. 
Angels are those souls who from the beginning of creation never lost contact with the Creator, never had physical lives, and seek only to fulfil the will of the Creator. Angels can vary in form, depending on the needs and expectations of those requesting help. 

They may appear as either male or female, but are neither. They are beings of light energy. Angels came into being as a link between the Creator and the humans living on third dimensional Earth. They are presently here to bridge our memory gap of who we are as spirit, during this time of spiritual evolution on the planet. They also bring us messages to guide and protect us during the spiritual transformation that is taking place now on the planet. 

Angels are different in many respects from Spirit Guides. They usually come with a frequency of unconditional love whereas spirit guides do have personalities and are often humorous and talk a lot! In the Middle Ages Angels were depicted as bringing messages, such as the birth of Christ. They were usually depicted as human-like beings, which huge wings, halos, and radiating white light. Angels have been recognized by major religions as having a very important place in the overall plan of creation. 

The idea of Angels is significant in Judeo-Christian religious thought. In both the Old and New Testaments, angels are identified as belonging to specifically named groups, in a kind of celestial hierarchy, consisting of Nine Orders. 

The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Angelic Kingdom

The First Sphere: 
Heavenly Counsellors 

1. Seraphims 
2. Cheraphims: The Sumerian original version of them was that they were entities that were relatively fierce looking beings that had the body of an ox or horse and the face of a man with a long beard and wings. They were supposed to have been sent to guard the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. 
3. Thrones The Second Sphere: Heavenly Governors 
4. Dominions 
5. Virtues 
6. Powers The Third Sphere: Heavenly Messengers 
7. Principalities 
8. Archangels 
9 Angels 

We are most familiar with the angel realms. Angels work most closely with humanity. They work under the Archangels. There are angels for healing, illumination, creativity, nature, music, dance, writing and literature, protection, emotions, politics, science and technology, devotion, purity, information, salvation, environment, transformation, peace, art, relationships, ceremonial order and magic. All you have to do is call (invoke) them and they will come. 

The Archangels 
The Seven Rays: 
Ray 1 Michael and Faith Ray 
Ray 2 Jophiel and Christine Ray 
Ray 3 Chamuel and Charity Ray 
Ray 4 Gabriel and Hope Ray 
Ray 5 Raphael and Mother Mary Ray 
Ray 6 Uriel and Aurora Ray 
Ray 7 Zadkiel and Amethyst 

The Principalities
Guardians of large groups like cities, nations, and multinational corporations. 

The Powers
Bearers of conscience and the keepers of the collectible history of Earth. The angels of death and birth are part of this group. They can draw down the energy of the Divine plan for Earth which enables them to bring to humanity a vision of the spiritual interconnectedness of things. 

The Virtues
They send out massive amounts of divine energy and virtuous qualities to humanity on Earth. 

The Dominions
They govern the activities of all of the angelic beings and groups that work below them. They are considered "divine bureaucrats". They help to integrate and blend the material and spiritual world. They do not work closely with people on earth. 

The Thrones
They are heavenly counsellors and companion angels of all of the planets. 

The Cherubin
Heavenly counsellors. Guardians of the Light throughout the universe. Have little contact with beings on earth. The Keys of Enoch says that they are also involved with the keeping of the celestial records. They are helpers and assistants to the seraphim. 

The Seraphim
Celestial angels that are said to surround the throne of God. They are the regulators of the movements of the heavens and have untold responsibilities in the administration of God's infinite universe. 

There are twelve master seraphim: 
1. Epochal angels: direction of the affaires of each generation and root race 
2. Progress angels: initiate the evolutionary process of creatures 
3. Religious guardians: angels of the church 
4. Angels of national life: angels of the trumpets, direct political performance 
5. Angels of the races: work for conservation of the evolutionary process 
6. Angels of the future: forecast and predict the future 
7. Angels of enlightenment: planetary education, mental and moral training 
8. Angels of health: angelic healing corps 
9. The home seraphim: preservation and advancement of the home. 
10. Angels of industry: foster industrial development 
11. Angels of diversion: play, humour, rest, and human leisure 
12. Angels of superhuman ministry: angels of the angels. 

Before the advent of Christianity, angels as messengers had their belief counterparts in Ancient Greece, where Hermes, (Thoth, Tehuti) was considered a messenger of God, and in Rome, where he was called Mercury. The Vikings also had a messenger God called Hermod. As we prepare to ascend to a higher frequency it is wonderful to connect with Angels. Though they usually do not remain with one person exclusively, they can come to when you call. 

Archangel Michael is powerful. In the bible he is said to have been a friend of Lucifer before the fall of the Angels. He is shown as carrying a sword or spear. He is often depicted fighting the dragon or serpent energy. 
Raphael supposedly incarnated and took form to walk with the boy Tobias in the middle ages and teach him the arts of healing. Raphael is a teacher associated with medicine, healing with herbs, and all sorts of natural healings. Gabrielle is associated with message giving. She was sent to Mary to tell her about the birth of the Christ child. She was also sent to Elizabeth about the birth of John the Baptist. There are also angels that we know little about as well as angels from other worlds. 


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