How to commuicate with crossed loved ones

Some people feel the intense need to communicate with someone who has passed. Usually, they desire to contact a loved one that they have lost or some simply harbour a fascination with death or the crossed over loved one. When one wishes to reconnect with the presence of someone they have lost, they may turn to methods involving communication with loved ones who have passed. 

When one is interested in contacting the someone who has crossed over there are a few techniques that can be followed, according to a Dr. Raymond Moody, who claims to be quite an expert when it comes to near-death experiences, as well as the afterlife. Moody suggests a technique that was used during ancient times for those who wanted to receive a vision. It is said that Nostradamus used this approach when he was foretelling the future. It simply involves a large mirror, as well as a variety of suggestions to ensure a positive and successful line of contact. Below you will find a checklist to follow when you want to attempt communication between the loved ones who have crossed. 

1) To gain a clear state of mind, one should refrain from consuming products that contain dairy and caffeine the day before an encounter is attempted. Fruits and vegetables should be the only simple foods that are consumed. 

2) When attempting to contact your crossed loved one you should position yourself in the quietest section of your dwellings. Watches and jewellery should be removed; loose clothing should be worn. Relaxation is the key for those who wish to contact the dead. Distractions, such as clocks and phones should be unplugged. When complete silence is achieved, a large mirror should be placed in front of you. The mirror should be at an angle that promotes comfortableness. 

3) If you are having trouble reaching an altered state of mind, looking at artwork or listening to calming music can achieve a sense of awareness conducive to this type of act. 

4) If you are trying to contact a loved one, you should surround yourself with some of their photographs, as well as their personal items. Touching the objects will bring you closer to who you are trying to contact. Some of the items you may choose to set about you may include family films, photo albums, old letters, glasses, a piece of their clothing, as well as a few of their favourite things. Anything that evokes feelings or memories should be used. 

5) Light a candle and put it behind you. When dim light is used, it is best that it be placed behind your body. It is said that twilight hours is the best time to communicate with the dead because many people experience altered states. Some can mirror gaze surrounded by bright lights, but this takes time to get use to, as well as achieve. 

6) When you are ready to mirror gaze, you should be in a comfortable, relaxed position. You will gaze into the mirror without trying to see anything; it will be similar to looking at something that is located far from view. You may start to feel a tingling within your fingertips. 

7) The mirror may seem cloudy after some time, while others have reported that the mirror becomes darker in colour. When things within the mirror do not seem as clear as they did before, you may be ready to experience contact with people who have passed over. 

Complete silence should still be maintained. Allow yourself to view the images that appear to you within the mirror (if you are lucky to experience this phase). The images that you may encounter will probably last for only less than a minute. Some people are able to view images for as long as 10 minutes, but this may take some time to develop. Sometimes you may not see a thing, but will instead hear the voice of your loved one. Some have claimed to actually feel their touch. Experiences with mirror gazing can be quite varied.


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