Making a cone for your incense

How to Shape Incense into a Cone for Burning
You will need:
Pen and Paper
Loose Incense

Using your compass, draw a circle on a sheet of paper. For the purpose of this article, I created a circle by tracing a standard coaster on a sheet of orange paper. Cut the circle out of paper and then cut a triangle shape whose apex is the center of the circle. 

When you are done your piece of paper should resemble Pac-Man.

Point Pac-Man's "mouth" towards you. Bring his 'lips' together allowing them to over lap a bit. This will give you a wide code. To make the cone more narrow tighten the paper until the cone is the size that you desire, then use tape to secure the cone. 

Pack your your loose incense into the cone.

Holding your little cone up so that no incense spills out, place a saucer upside down on top of it and then turn it over. 

Place your saucer on a flat surface.
Gently tap the cone and then slowly lift it up revealing your incense cone!

You can now light your incense.


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