The moons and its phases

We often hear Witches talk of the new, waxing, full and waning moons. 
What exactly does that mean, how do we know what phase it's in and what does it matter 

NEW MOON: The first phase of the moon. It is not visible in the sky for the 
first couple of days. It is starting to grow in the sky in a crescent shape. If 
you don't see a moon, you're in a new moon phase.

WAXING: The moon is now visible and is starting its journey to becoming whole or 
full. You will see it as a crescent. The tips of the crescent are pointing to 
the left. If you look up at the moon, and the tips are pointing towards the 
left, you in that waxing moon phase.

FULL:  The moon is full and round. No points are discernable. From this phase, the 
moon begins to get smaller, or wanes.

WANING: The moon's shape is now going into crescent form again. Only now, the 
tips will be facing the right. It is becoming weaker in light and will become non-visible 
as it goes into its next new moon.

There are also the quarter moons, which is very simply this: if the moon is larger then
a crescent but is not quite full and the tips are still pointing left, it's a waxing quarter moon. 
If it's larger then a crescent but smaller then a full moon and the tips are facing right,
it's a quarter waning moon.

The strength needed to carry out a spell in Witchcraft must be as strong as possible. 
The moon has energiesthat help you carry your wishes to their destination. 
When a moon is waxing, it is growing stronger – 
until it is full. When a moon is waning, it is growing weaker, diminishing until it is gone.
It then goes into its new moon phase.

When we do spells to bring things to us such as money or love, we want to perform them 
during the waxing phase on up to the full moon phase, to have its full energy to carry 
our spell. When we do spells to take thing away from us such as sickness or negativity, 
we perform them during the waning moon, to carry it into the darkness away from us. 

This is why it is SO important to know the phases of the moon before you ever perform 
a spell! 
What a disaster it would be to bring things into our lives that we don't want or to have 
taken away that we just asked for!

You may have also heard the term "The Dark of the Moon". The dark moon is the 
block of time that is three days before a new moon and three days after a new moon. 
Spells and magick are NEVER performed on these days! The moon is at its weakest and 
your spell can easily backfire. 


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