Psychic Angels

Psychic angels are not something that most people think about or are even familiar with when it comes to psychic abilities. What it commonly refers to is a reading between the psychic and the client's guardian angel. In fact "angel" means "messenger" in Greek.

An angel, used in this context is a spiritual entity which carries out duties from God or a higher being- most importantly messages that have urgency or special significance to the reading ( or time sensitive importance ) Symbolically, the angel is an image or metaphor for The overseeing of ordinary life and one's soul as it progresses, both here on earth as well as in people after their deaths. Psychics often harness this * energy * or imagery to procure information they believe is emanating from outside of the client, or person being "read". They are usually described as very compassionate, helpful and wise beings. They often form in the images of humans and are beautiful and elegant.

For those of us who believe, angels themselves have psychic powers which they can use to help us through difficult situations. Any questions the client has are directed to the angel for guidance in the client's life. Any questions can be asked of angels. Their sole purpose is to guide and protect - so the use of a psychic is just a means of getting the angel's message to the client in a way that they can understand. The psychic is basically the translator or facilitator of information unavailable to the the person being read through ordinary means.
What typically happens when a psychic angel is used in a reading?

The process begins as the client sits and relaxes their body. The mind needs to be cleared of any thoughts. It is helpful if you open your mind to imagining your angel coming to you to help. As the psychic goes into their trance state that is when they claim to be most capable of channeling angels into their readings. The angels guide them in understanding problems the client is facing in their lives and communicates what actions that person needs to take. In order for the psychic to relay the truth that they are speaking to angels - the angel will give them information on the client's past in order to build the trust that is needed between the client and psychic.

While this is most definitely a controversial and often dismissed manner of having a psychic facilitate a reading, many people have reported uncanny and surprisingly good results from these types of readings. Further - there are accounts of even hard core sceptics reporting changes in their body temperature, ( typically warmth) and seeing angelic beings very similar in appearance to those being described by the psychic. There have been photographs taken of these angelic beings, most notably in recent well documented cases of medium ship like the Scole experiments - which were witnessed by believers and non-believers alike.


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