Candle Gazing

Find a quiet place, some where you are able to relax and not be disturbed.
Make sure you have no drafts which can interfere with the candle flame
You may use soft background music to help you relax and you may also use incense something that you like 
and find pleasant.
Wear loose clothing you don’t want anything tight after all you need to be relaxing!
Make the room dark, the only light being the flame of a candle used.
Choose your candle you don’t want anything that burns down to quickly so pillar candles are ideal they are fat 
and sturdy and won’t burn down to quickly.

Sit in a comfortable chair with the candle approximately an arm's length distance in front of you, This could 
be the kitchen table if your comfortable in the kitchen or maybe the coffee table in the lounge, if using a 
coffee table you may prefer to sit on the floor rather then a chair.
You can state your intention before you begin focusing on the flame of the candle, such as, ‘I would like 
to see myself from a past life that links to this one.’ or whatever you would like to ask.

Now gaze at the flame. Look at the flame. Breath deeply and evenly, in through the nose and slowly out through your mouth.
As you look at the flame, you can see that it is actually made up of the colours of the rainbow. Subtle 
shades of red glow at the very tip of the flame. Your passion, your physical body are being left behind, 
as a faint reminder of who you are.

The orange that follows spans a short time on the flame. Your anchor on this earth, also reminds you that 
there is a life on this plane. Then, the yellow, the most prevalent, the most powerful part of the flame draws 
your attention. It burns as your creativity, yearning to burst free and shower you with its inspirations.

Your eyes follow down and see the tiny segment of green, your center, your growth. This is where the 
bountiful harvest of your life lies. Feel the growth and abundance everywhere in the universe before you fall 
into the blue at the base of the flame. The blue, the higher emotion of your secret self burns brightly if only 
you look at it.

Below it, barely perceptible, is the violet of your spirit. This is the same spirit that resides within you, but it is barely perceptible day to day. You must catch it unawares to know it. As you watch your flame/spirit, Let the violet flame enlarge and envelop the blue, green, yellow, orange and red of the fire. Let your spirit enlarge to fill 

you in the same way.

As you inhale, feel your spirit fill you with the light of the candle. Breathe the flame. Become one with it and the essence of the source of creation.

Close your eyes.
Breathe your spirit. Find your LIGHT.
Visualize your descent down a long and beautiful spiral staircase and when you reach the bottom of the staircase you will see three doors.

[Remember that consciousness spirals into reality. Three=manifestation
in the physical].
Choose a door.
Wait patiently for your subconscious mind to open it.
When you go through the door, relax your mind. Patiently watch your inner screen, in front of your forehead 
(third eye chakra) for images.

You may see colours or shapes, people or places. You may hears tones.

Often images will drift into your awareness which may not make sense to you at first. These are your archetypes for awakening / remembering your mission, who you are, why you are here.

If nothing appears to you when you first do this exercise, you will benefit from experiencing the meditative 
state and your mind will become conditioned for self-hypnosis and past life regression.

After receiving your messages, you may enter the other doors or return
These messages should be recorded when you are finished, as they will
make sense later on.

You may want to draw what you see or create a short story about it. 


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