Candles and The Dead

In folklore, candles have a strong association with the dead, perhaps
dating back to old Jewish customs, later adopted by Christians, of
lighting candles for the dying and dead.
A lit candle placed by the bedside of a dying person is believed to frighten away 

One Jewish custom calls for keeping a lit candle for a week in the room
where a person died, perhaps to purify the air. In American folklore,
however, a candle burning in an empty room will cause the death of a
relative. Superstitions about candles hold that a guttering candle
means someone in the house is about to die, and a candle that burns
blue means a ghost is nearby.

Wicca and Practical Magic
In some Wiccan rituals, consecrated white candles are placed on altars
and at the four quarters of a magic circle. If a ritual calls for it,
candles are placed at the points of a pentagram. Coloured candles are
used in many magical spells; each colour has its own vibration,
attribute, symbolism and influences.

As part of the preparation for casting a spell, rub a candle with
anointing oil while concentrating on the purpose of the spell. The
formula of the oil will be determined by the purpose of the spell. Or,
write a spell on a candle and then burn it.

The following are some of the energy vibrations and influences evoked
by colours. Burning coloured candles in magical work enhances the
vibration of the colours.

Spiritual truth and strength; purity and purification;
meditation; attract benevolent spiritual forces; break curses;
feminine principle (in alchemy).

Love and friendship; harmony; entertaining; morality; domestic
tranquility; the sign of Cancer.

Sexuality; strength; physical health and vigour; passion;
protection; the signs of Scorpio and Aries; masculine principle (in

Courage; communication; solving of legal problems;
concentration; encouragement; the sign of Taurus.

Persuasion; confidence and charm; aid to memory and studying;
the signs of Virgo and Gemini.

Healing; money and prosperity; luck; fertility; the sign of

Psychic and spiritual awareness; peace; prophetic dreams;
protection during sleep; the signs of Aquarius and Virgo.

Ambition; ruling authority; reversing a curse; speeding
healing in illness; extra power; the sign of Pisces; lavender for the
sign of Libra.

Protection; enlightenment; masculine principle; the Sun; the
sign of Leo.

Intuition; subconscious; feminine principle; the Moon.

Protecting pets; solving household problems; attracting help in
financial crises; the sign of Capricorn.

Stalemate; neutrality; cancellation.

Loss; sadness; discord; releasement; negativity.

In angel magic, use coloured candles in work with these principal

Haniel – red and pink Michael – gold and yellow Gabriel – white and silver Raphael – green and orange Uriel – ice white and ice blue

Adapted from The Encyclopaedia of Witches and Witchcraft, 2nd. ed., by
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, published by Facts On File, 1999.


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