Cleansing your crystal ball

Cleaning your crystal ball
Crystal balls can collect dust and therefore will need to be cleaned from time to time. Do not use any kind of detergent to clean it, not even one claiming to be natural or organic as this can leave a residue or film on your crystal ball. It is best to use purified, distilled, or spring water and then dry it with a soft, clean towel.
Clearing your crystal ball

Sea salt
Place the ball in a bowl of distilled water with a pinch of sea salt and let sit for an hour minimum and overnight in the moonlight of a full moon for a deep cleansing.
Crystal bath
You can soak them in either salt water (use sea salt if possible) or water with an essential oil added. Soak your crystal ball in the bath overnight, then pat dry in the morning. If you prefer you can allow it to dry outside in the sun, provided it is not too cold outside. Be careful not to use too much salt, as it can scratch the delicate surface of your crystal ball. If using essential oil, select something that is either purifying (such as lemon) or is energetically in tune with your intended purpose. When your crystals are “done” pour off the water, being careful not to touch the water as it contains the negative energy it has just cleansed. 

Pass your crystal ball through the smoke, or pass the smudge over your ball. 

Use the same way as smudging. You can choose a purification incense (such as lavender or lemon) or something suited to your current intentions. 

Bury it
You can bury your crystal ball in soft natural earth overnight. Personally I don't agree with this method as it can scratch your crystal ball but each to their own I guess! There are better ways to care for and cleanse your crystal ball

By feel
Visualize the crystal enveloped in a pure white light, with any stray energies washing away. 

If you are trained in Reiki, you can clear your crystals in that way. 

Cleanse your crystal ball before and after a reading to remove influences from either positive or negative energies. 


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