How to create a sacred space

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What is a sacred space?
it is an area to connect with your Source energy. Sacred Spaces can be anything you want them to be, this could be a designated corner with your altar altar filled with things you love to a Serenity Garden or favourite spot in the woods somewhere where you can go to find stillness and center. A Sacred Space can be a refuge of calm when things around you appear in chaos or a quiet space for meditation. 

Creating sacred space is a powerful way to protect and heal your spirit.
A sacred space is where the vibration is tranquil, grounded and infused with positive and healing energy. Sacred Spaces are very unique to the person who is creating them. You may create one Sacred Space or many. There is no limit. There is no wrong way in which to do this. There are no rules, rituals or guidelines. You will be guided by your intuition and creativity. Listen, and trust. 

The very first step in building a Sacred Space is Intention. In other words, what is your goal in building this space? What will it be for? How will it assist you in your intent? What do you want to accomplish in this space?
Sit quietly for a while to become very clear on the intended purpose behind the creation of this Sacred Space.
To create such a space for you, pick one room or area in your house where no one is ever allowed to argue or even to enter the space in an angry mood and claim it as your sanctuary. This could be where you have your altar or some where different it really is up to you. 

My space is actually where I have my altar and woe be tired anyone who brings in negative energy if they are in a bad mood or want to ‘have a go’ at me for any reason! You want to argue with me or express your opinion on something then fine but don’t do it in my sacred space!! I work hard at keeping my space sacred and calm and tranquil so I don’t appreciate someone who is in a bad mood coming in to my area and spoiling all my intensions and hard work and believe me both hubby and son know this!!
Once you are happy with where you want your sacred space to be the next step is to cleanse this area. You can do this by sweeping and doing a general clean of the area as you would for any other room or space in your home. 

Then use your smudge stick and cleanse the area using sage. The idea is that as sage is burned, the smoke transmutes negative energies and thoughts. You do not need to have much smoke, just a little will do along with your intention. It is recommended to have a window open nearby for the smoke to leave.
Now place all the things that are important to you in your sacred space like your altar if you wish you altar to be here and any other things that you love and need, this is your space so you need to choose what you would like.
If you want a seating area then choose what you would like, you may prefer cushions or a chair etc what ever you like. 

Smell is important so use your incense or oils, playing relaxing music, light your candles, add pictures or posters, your god or goddess statues or a Buddha statue anything and everything that is important to you and enjoy your scared space.


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