Imbolc pomander

Pomanders are lovely to make and really make your home smell lovely
You will need

Citrus fruit for example lemon or orange
Cloves (shop brought jar ones are fine)
Ribbon for hanging

Wash your chosen fruit and dry it
Mark out where your ribbon will be going this way you don't use more cloves then you need and of course you won't be breaking your cloves if you were to tie your ribbon over them afterwards! If your ribbon if you choose to have one is going around the center of your fruit then mark where it is going so you don't add cloves there.

You can now add your cloves you can use a large darning needle to start off the hole so you don't break any of your cloves trying to push them in to the skin of the fruit if you wish, or you may find it easier just to push them in do whatever feels right for you.

Once you have added where you want your cloves to go then place your ribbon around the fruit, hang to dry for around two to four weeks in  a dark places until it has hardened.


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