Making a Maypole center piece

You will need

A cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels
Heavy cardboard
Crepe paper in two or three colours (red and white are traditional)
Some small stones
Flowers for decorating
A ruler
Tacky glue 

Step One 
Cut a circle from heavy cardboard about 1 1/4 inches larger than the diameter of the cardboard tube. 

Step Two 
Glue the cardboard tube to the center of the cardboard circle. Let dry. 

Step Three 
Paint the cardboard tube and the cardboard circle. Let the paint dry. 

Step Four 
Cut 2 pieces of each colour of crepe paper, the length of the tube. Cut the crepe paper in half length-wise. Glue the crepe paper strips to the top inside of the tube alternating colours. 

Step Five
Put some small stones inside the tube to add some weight so that it will not tip over.
Step Six - Decorate the top of your Maypole with flowers and more crepe paper if desired


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