Oils used for Wiccan rituals

The following oils used for Wiccan rituals

Allspice determination
Almond increases alertness
Basil wear to stop confrontations
Bergamont success and money
Black Pepper courage
Camphor for incense
Carnation physical strength when worn
Cedarwood power
Chamomile good luck
Cinnamon uncrossing oil
Citrus heightens psychic abilities
Eucalyptus healing
Fennel keeps away evil
Frankincense anointing oil, astral travel, cleansing
Gardenia protective
Ginger money
Honeysuckle protection
Jasmine attraction, astral travel
Lavender tranquility, chakra balance
Lemon energy, chakra balance, blessing oil
Lemongrass good luck
Lily of the valley inner peace
Lime personal energy
Magnolia increases psychic powers
Marjoram brings happiness into the home
Myrrh use with frankincense protection, astral travel, blessing oil
Orange love proposals, chakra balance
Palmarosa helps meeting day to day challenges
Patchouli reversal spells, money & love spells, money
Pennyroyal protection
Peppermint healing
Pettigrain protective
Pine purification
Rose love oil
Rosewater holy water for bathing
Rosemary anoint pillow for a good sleep
Rosewood enhances sensuality
Sage cleanses negativity
Sandalwood protection, love oil
Sassafras wards off curses
Spearmint attracts love
Sweet Orange good luck
Tea tree eliminates confusion
Thyme energy & courage
Vanilla intensifies love
Vetivert add to incense to remove hexes, divination oil
Violet protects against evil
Ylang Ylang wear for attention


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