Ostara Ankle Dancing Bells

You will Need
1/2 yard 1/2 inch wide hook and loop (Velcro) tape, any colour
Heavy button or quilting thread to match Velcro
Heavy embroidery or upholstery needle
12 gold or silver 1 or 1 1/4 inch jingle bells

You will need different sizes for children, women with dresses and men with pants, and so on, so make small, medium and large ankle bells. Small is about 9 inches or so total length, medium is about 12 inches, and large is about 18 inches. For one set of ankle bells, cut the Velcro tape to the desired length and separate the halves. Put them back together again with about three inches of tape extending past the ends of the connected halves. Form an open circle with the tape, making the exposed soft loop portion face toward the middle and the rough hook side face away from the middle (this avoids scratched naked ankles and irritated guests). Run your fingers along the tapes where they are connected to smooth out any wrinkles on the inside of the circle.
With any kind of pen, pencil or marker, make six evenly spaced dots on the overlapping connected portion of the tape. Securely stitch a bell to each dot, going through both layers of tape and using plenty of thread as needed. Repeat for the other matching ankle bells so you have a pair. To wear them, use the exposed portions of the tape to secure the bells to the ankles, strapping them on tightly and pressing the halves together firmly so they don't fall off while dancing.

Excerpt taken from: Sabbat Entertaining: Written by: Willow Polson; Citadel Press, Kensington


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