Space clearing using crystals

One of the best ways to get positive energy flowing into a space/house is to get rid of the clutter first, then the space can be cleansed by using a combination of white sage or incense, crystals, candles and even mediation or relaxation music. 

Use a smudge stick in every room, open up all the windows and doors so the negative energy can escape first, then wave the sage around making sure to let the smoke waft behind doors and furniture. 

Play relaxation music, walk around the house and ‘feel’ the energy. Perhaps some crystals by the front door and in each room can be of benefit. 

Now if you don’t have anywhere to place tumbled stones or need to keep them out of reach of children, use tape or blue tac and place them high up. 

Amber helps to clean your space, so is a useful crystal to have near the bath or wash basin. 

Amethyst is a lovely gentle healing stone and can be placed in bedrooms and especially in the center of the house or office if possible. Place amethyst under your pillow to bring good dreams and keep nightmares at bay. It is quite common to place a stone or crystal in each corner of a room or of the house to provide basic clearing and protection. Though some people prefer larger stones. Even tiny quartz or amethyst points taped to the walls at the corners have been quite effective. 

Black tourmaline is a widely used stone for blocking negative energy. Place one near the front door and in each room. To protect the home place in the 4 corners of the house 

Citrine can be used in the prosperity corner of the home, which is usually the back left corner of the house when looking in from the front door. Use citrine in the dining area, perhaps a cluster as a table centerpiece, to aid digestion. To attract wealth place left side, rear corner of the house 

Chrysocolla If you are experiencing strain or lack-lustre romance in your relationship, place a large piece of chrysocolla in the room to revitalize it 

Clear quartz crystals can be used also to bring in positive energy, please see our information on cleansing and programming crystals first. Place a clear quartz cluster or point on top of your television to soak up electrical radiation. Use a bright, light-reflecting quartz crystal to energize the bathroom, as rooms with sinks and toilets tend to drain energy away 

Green Fluorite Green fluorite continuously removes negative energy from a room, and also cleanses the atmosphere, so is the perfect crystal to place in a busy room like the living room, which sees a lot of interaction, as it settles the room's aura and dispels negativity after arguments. 

Kunzite use kunzite in a room where there has been an argument, as it allows residual negative feelings to drain from the room. It is also effective if there has been death or illness in a room. 

Labradorite A labradorite sphere can ease transitions and add clarity to a chosen path. Placing it in the transitional places of your home can help symbolize this 

Malachite in the front right side of the home can help with friend issues and can also be beneficial for distance healing friends in need. 

Moonstone creates a happy home and contentment, so place crystals liberally around the house 

Obsidian To banish negativity place in the center of the house 

Orange crystals associated with the sacral chakra can help boost intimacy and libido if placed around the bed
Onyx brings happiness to a home, so place in regularly used rooms or at the center

Petrified wood helps keep people in the room grounded and calm and helps keep people in touch with inner wisdom. 

Rose quartz can be used in the back right corner of the home for relationship issues and to bring heart healing energy into the home. Place a piece of rose quartz beside your bed to attract romance. Have rose quartz nearby when preparing food as it helps inspire extra creativity and brings special blessing to the preparation. Place rose quartz or amethyst in the dining room to bring harmony at family meals. Rose quartz in this room brings warmth, love and well-being 

Selenite absorbs negative energy and is widely used in space clearing and personal clearing. Place some selenite tumbled stones around the home, near the front and back doors and one in each room. Selenite attracts angelic energy into the home and can connect your soul to its higher purpose. It can be placed under the pillow, but it is such a beautiful crystal that a pillar of it on a shelf, chest or bedside cabinet will bring beauty to the bedroom.

Smokey Quartz use clear or smoky quartz clusters and points to clear away background radiation from kitchen appliances 

If you practice the art of Feng Shui, then you might like to know which crystals are associated with each of the eight directions, and the center of the home.

azurite, black tourmaline, clear quartz, hematite, iron, jet, obsidian and snowflake obsidian, smoky quartz, sodalite North East 
cream or beige stones East 
amazonite, amethyst, apophyllite, aventurine, calcite, celestite, copper, fluorite, rose quartz South East 
green stones South 
carnelian, citrine, clear and rutilated quartz, fire agate, garnet, gold, Herkimer diamond, ruby, sunstone South West 
rose quartz West 
aquamarine, blue chalcedony, blue lace agate, jade, labradorite, moonstone, opal, silver North West 
gold, rutilated quartz, white quartz Center 
Use a quartz cluster or crystal sphere, such as rainbow quartz for energy or rose quartz for calm and serenity


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