The Cherubim (singular ‘Cherub’) are beyond the throne of God; they are the guardians of light and of the stars. It is believed that, although they are removed from man's plane of reality, the divine light that they filter down from Heaven still touches the lives of living things. Cherubim are considered the elect beings for the purpose of protection. Cherubim guard Eden and the throne of God.
They are the guardians of light, and of the stars. Remote from our plane of reality and dimension, their light touches our lives, the divine light that they filter down from Heaven. Lucifer the fallen angel is known as the ‘angel of light, whom God’s light illuminated through. Myth says before his ‘sin against God, but, it may have been the “Divine plan” to have a fallen angel to show humanity the path.
They function as personal guardians, guarding religious temples and keeping the sanctuary purified. They are guidance for divine protection, knowledge and wisdom. 

The angels are


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