How to astral travel

Astral projection is often thought of as 'mystical ', but in fact just about everyone has the ability. In fact, lots of people experience astral projection unaware. So the trick sit is to have control over it and do with it what you want to do. 

Assuming that you already know what astral projection is and what it's basically about, the following techniques may help you assume control over your own astral projection ability so that you can harness the magnificent power of this amazing experience to deepen your awareness of your place in this vast, vast universe. 

As you are lying down to go to bed, instead of just letting yourself try to drift off to sleep, use muscle tensing and releasing to enter a deep but conscious state of relaxation. Starting with your feet and toes, tense and then un-tense every muscle one at a time in your body, working all the way up through your facial muscles. If you feel this is uncomfortable or you feel heavy, that's normal–you aren't used to deep relaxation. 

Perhaps the most difficult part of step two is actually not falling asleep as you becomes more and more relaxed. In order to deepen and slow down your breathing, we follow a technique which is also used for meditation. This involves taking a slow deep breath and at the same time, feeling the air actually move its way down into your lungs. As you then exhale, you once again pay attention to the feeling of moving air leaving your body, ensuring also that you exhale all the air you have. To avoid falling asleep, try focusing mentally on an imaginary dot on the centre of your forehead. 

Next, shift your attention to how your body is feeling it should seem to you like some heavy slab of wet clay. If you feel this way, close your eyes and visualize your astral self, the weightless self, floating like a butterfly in a breeze, a bird just drifting on a thermal. 

A large percentage of people attempting to astral project claim that in this stage, they see the whole room they are lying in, in spite of the fact that their eyes are closed. Additionally, in most cases it seems, people claim that there appears to be purple light, or at least, a purple glow filling the room. If you have reached this point then the next thing you need to focus on the light fitting in the centre of the ceiling. 

Continue concentrating on the light fitting and then mentally, slowly start to pull it towards yourself on the bed. At this point you should start feeling as if you're starting to float. At this point it's tantamount that you do not allow yourself to fall asleep because by now you should be absolutely aware that you're floating and in all likelihood, it may well be possible to turn around and see your physical body still lying on the bed. 

Well done! You have achieved the state of astral projection and are now able to begin with your astral travels. If in the unlikely event that this technique does not work, then go ahead and try this next technique.
Known as the gazing technique, this second method is also best done when going to bed. However, with the gazing method, all you require is something on which you can focus such as a picture or even the moon outside if it’s within view. 

Once you are comfortable on your bed, begin focusing on the object of your choice. You need to continue focusing, without becoming distracted and looking away, until your eyes start feeling heavy. In reality, no matter how hard you try, your eyes will eventually close and when this happens, you need to continue focusing on the object. Before long you will experience a powerful urge to either stand up or to sit up. If this is your first successful projection, standing up and turning around can be a frightening experience for some, given that you will see your own body lying on the bed. 

If these two techniques don’t work the first time you try them, then try again. If after the third time you fail to astral project, perhaps you need to try one of the other techniques. What’s important is that you don’t give up. Becoming despondent increases anxiety and this will only hamper your efforts rather than increase your chances.
Astral projection is often obstructed or even prevented because your subconscious mind won’t allow. Until your subconscious acknowledges the fact that it?s a natural process for your astral body to leave your physical body, astral projection may not be possible. For beginners who are experiencing this mental block, affirmations can be highly effective at enabling your subconscious to accept the concept of astral projection. 

The ability to astral project successfully on the first attempt is not possible for everyone as their subconscious minds have to be suitably conditioned. Luckily some very powerful tools exist and are readily available to help you in a very short space of time. 

Those beginners who experience a block in their path to astral projecting, hypnosis can in most cases prove to be the only tool you’ll ever need. It gets you into an ideal state of relaxation in an incredibly short space of time and also, a quality session will prepare you mentally for your first astral projection experience. 

The recently developed sonic technology of 'binaural beats ' can also program your subconscious mind to be deeply relaxed and let down the guard against astral projection. 

Once again, astral projection is actually not difficult–it's a natural capability born into you. You just need to use the right tools to get it done, and then you can astral travel the cosmos!


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