What is Wicca

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Wicca is a new age religion, that has roots from the times of Neolithic paganism, information taken from traditional Italian witchcraft, that survived the burning times, and aspects of rites from the masons.

Back in Ancient times, the women and men of the village were the seers and the healers and had the knowledge of herbs and medicines. They healed the sick, delivered the babies, gave council, foretold the future, and were valuable parts of the villages and communities.

They gathered their information and teachings and from all around the things in nature, such as the sun, the moon, the stars, animals, trees, plants and minerals, as well as the cycles of the seasons. They understood that mankind was not superior to nature, but a part of it, and all that it is. 

This belief continues today, and most wiccans believe in the balanced polarities of the feminine and masculine which are seen as the Goddess and the God, and made up of all the Goddess's and Gods of each certain tradition. These are ultimately all a part of the One Ultimate Creative life force, that many simply call God/ Goddess/ Spirit. 

According to wiccan tradition the Goddess is seen as the origin of all creation of the earth, nature, and life itself. The Goddess is also seen in 3 aspects as the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, which correspond with the waxing and waning phases of the moon, and also the the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

The God aspect, is seen as the masculine side of nature. He represents the wild force of nature, the hunt, that is strong and expressive, without being patriarchal and destructive. He represents sexuality and fertility, that allows the Goddess to create life, and he is also the keeper of the gates of life and death. Different Wiccan traditions have different deity structures consisting of many Gods and Goddess's that represent specific aspects of the ultimate plane of existence. Each one is unique, and used to attune to the mysteries of existence that, that deity represents.

Wiccans also believe in the (7) planes of existence which are:
1. The Physical Plane (where we exist now)
2. The Elemental Plane
3. The Astral Plane
4. The Emotional Plane
5. The Mental Plane (where the watchers and the Arch angels exist)
6. The Spiritual Plane (where the Gods and Goddesses exist)
7. The Ultimate Plane (where the ultimate creative life force exists)

These planes of existence go from the lowest plane, where we exist, to the highest plane of where the Ultimate creative life force exists. Wiccans believe that everything is a part of the Ultimate Life Force, from all of the lower planes up to the highest....everything on this plane and in the universe is all a part of the ultimate Spirit. 

One of the most important beliefs that wiccans follow is called the Wiccan Rede, which states "An ye harm none, do what ye will." This is an ethical guideline that we follow, which means that we may follow our spiritual path in any way that we choose, as long as we harm no one,and nothing, including ourselves.
Another important belief wiccans follow is the Threefold Law. In which they believe that whatever they do, or put out, be it good or evil, will return to us threefold, or three times over, therefore anyone who would believe in this, would certainly not do anything harmful or bane.
The third most important belief that most wiccans share, is the belief in reincarnation. They do not believe in a heaven, or a hell, and they believe that death just takes us to another plane of existence, which they call Summerland. 

Some wiccans believe that a soul is continuously reborn again over and over, whereas others believe that a soul is reborn until they have learned everything their soul is meant to learn through all of their life lessons, and at that time, they become one with the Ultimate Life force on the Ultimate Plane. This makes wiccans ultimately responsible for their own actions in life, as they believe the mistakes they made,and the wrongs they have committed, will have them return back again and again, until they can get it right, and learn the lessons they are meant to learn. 

Wiccans follow a basic system of ritual and celebration of the seasons either in covens or on a solitary basis.
They have (8) holidays, that follow the wheel of the year, or the cycle of the seasons, which are called Sabbats.
Most Magical rites are performed on Esbats, which correspond to the phases of the moon, when worship and reverence is also performed, although magick can be performed at any time it is necessary. Both rituals and magick are performed within a magic circle, which is a purified and protected space, and a
"world between the worlds" 

Wiccan's Don't:
Practice Satanism
Satanism is NOT a wiccan belief, nor do wiccans practice it. Satanists worship the devil, and Wiccans do not even believe in the devil,
nor do they believe in hell.
Satanism has roots in medieval times and also exists in modern times.
In ancient times the church was the one who originally connected Satanism to those
practicing pagan beliefs, to attempt to sway the common people to the new religion of
Christianity. In modern times, a man named Anton LeVey created the modern version
of Satanism, 'round about 1969, which is mostly a lot of theatrics, and focus's on self fulfillment, and the material, with no consideration of others. 

Practice Black Magic?
Wiccan's believe, that magick is neither black or white, nor good or evil.
Magick comes from the energy of the Universal Life Force, and is considered neutral energy. It is up to the person using it, as to whether they use it for good, or ill. Wiccan's do not use it for harm, as they believe that what energy you sent out, comes back to you 3-fold.

Sacrifice Animals or People
Modern wiccan's respect ALL life, and strive to "harm none" at all costs, including
themselves. They believe life is sacred, and should be revered and protected
at all costs. In ancient times however, our pagan ancestors did participate in sacrifices
as they believed this would help the Gods to look kindly upon their villages, and help
their crops to flourish.

Participate in naked sexual orgies?
Although some Wicca groups DO practice "sky clad", or in the nude, many Wiccans do not, and that is a choice of each coven, or practicing wiccan. For myself personally I haven't nor would I Sky Clad but that is my own personal view don't get me wrong I am not against others doing this ~ not at all but for myself personally it isn't something I feel the need to do. I remember when I first met a certain individual who was Pagan I got a lecture all about her feelings on sky cladding and especially what she thought of me because I follow the wiccan way of life!! 

Ok this particular person I later found out was very self opinionated and would take the most ridiculous things very personally. But at the time I felt very hurt that she would judge me all because I mentioned I follow and practice the Wiccan way of life and she followed the Pagan way. Myself personally I do not judge what others think or what they do or follow that is down to the individual but I still felt very hurt with the way she was talking to me and how she felt the need to try and put down what I believe in and what I follow, so the moral of this story is follow what you believe and do NOT allow anyone to put you down or make you feel inadequate.
Many practicing wiccan's will wear robes during their rituals.

And though some of the Wiccan beliefs do revolve around fertility, it does not include massive orgies. 
Some of this belief, may have originated with Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Wicca, who was into nudist colonies, and sexual activity.

Only Wear Black?
Most Wiccan's are everyday people, who wear normal clothing, just like everyone else. You would not be able to recognize most Wiccan's by their clothing, as they usually dress quite normally. They only don robes, and sometimes medieval clothing, for ritual and celebrations only.

Wicca is NOT
A Feminist Movement
Although there is a segment of Wicca, that is pre-dominantly feminine, called  "Dianic Wicca" This is does not include the majority of practicing Wiccans.
Most Wiccans favour "Balance" of the Male/Female, Ying/Yang energies.

An Ancient Religion?
Though Wicca has its roots in Neolithic paganism, and has "borrowed" quite a bit from traditional Italian witchcraft, Wicca is a "New Age" religion that was first created by Gerald Gardner, and first came to the public's attention in 1954 when he published his first book called, "Witchcraft Today" followed by his second book,
"The meaning of Witchcraft", which came out in 1959. Wicca became a legalized religion in 1985.
Since the creation of Gardnerian Wicca, there have been many off-shoots of the religion created by others, that make up the various traditions of Wicca.


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