Wheat Centerpiece for Mabon

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Wheat Centerpiece
Bring the beauty that is Fall into your home with this dramatic centerpiece. You can place this on your dining room table for holiday entertaining, or on a side table or mantle for a decorative accent.
  • 2 pkgs. Blonde Wheat
  • 1 pkg. Transparent Oak Leaves
  • 1 pkg. Fall Eucalyptus
  • 2 Chenille Stems, each cut in half (or use wire covered with floral tape)
  • 4 Gourd Picks
  • 2, 6" strands of ivy garland
  • 3 Gifts From The EarthTM Apples
  • 1 pkg. Dried Salal (lemon leaves)
  • Glue Gun

  1. Separate wheat into two groups. Hold one group under wheat heads. Secure cluster with chenille stem to create a binding point. Repeat for other group.
  2. Overlap the heads of the two wheat sheaf groupings. Use chenille stem to bind stems between wheat heads. (Remainder of wheat stems extends beyond other grouping's heads.)
  3. Cut apart oak and salal leaves, creating clusters. Position atop and beneath the wheat sheaf. Place stems of the leaves into the binding points to secure. Glue if necessary.
  4. Split eucalyptus in half. Place each group into a binding point, facing in the same direction as the wheat. Glue if necessary to secure.
  5. Add salal in the same fashion.
  6. Glue fruit to the wheat, leaves, and eucalyptus bundle. Apply glue directly to fruit and to stems of picks before inserting into centerpiece.
  7. Add ivy bunches to top. Glue in place.

  • When clustering wheat heads, be sure to twist chenille gently so wheat is not cut by the binding.
Copyright 2000 Alexandra Bleicher


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