Feather magick

In natural magic feathers are used in spells and ceremonies to promote change. They are used as catalysts to help focus concentration while carrying out spells and wishes. 

The medicine bag, also called power pouch or sachet, often includes special feathers which have meaning to the wearer and help attracting good luck as well as driving away bad things. 

Feathers are often used to focus concentration in spells.

Feathers are magically ruled by the element of air. This makes them good communication helpers. But each feather also can hold other special powers; depending on the bird it came from, its color and place of discovery and other factors.

The knowledge what kind of feather is best used for what kind of indent can only be found out for oneself by trial and error. A pigeon feather is not as helpful for creating a defense strategy than a feather taken from a bird of prey.
The general rule for future feather magicians is always to use self found feathers rather than bought ones. A shop cannot substitute a walk in nature, nor the joy when the wanted feather is finally found.
Feathers are often used to focus concentration in spells. Feathers used for magical undertakings are mainly determined by the energy which is brought into the feather by the magician him/herself through concentration and thought. Beside from the energy the magician brings into the object, feathers hold certain natural abilities. 

Peacock Feathers were thought to be very unlucky, because they resemble an eye. The eye shape represented the evil eye which people were afraid of. Today the beauty and natural strength of the peacock feathers are again recognized. They are specially valued for their multicolored eyes. 

Blue Jay Bird
Blue Jay feathers are valued as bringer of light and joy and are said to have the ability to brighten up even the darkest places. 

The Crow is one of the animals humans have always been afraid of. A crow at the window is said to represent the soul of a dead person. Crow feathers are used for mourning and letting go of unwanted feelings or situations. 

Robin feathers can help to bring new things into ones life. They can also be used to induce fertility. 

The pure white feathers of swans are used to purify and cleanse by attracting new energy. They represent beauty, grace and goodness. Black swan feathers can be used to purify of unwanted energy. 

This bird´s feathers are good communication feathers. They help to tap into the deeper consciousness and can teach sacred wisdom. 

The feathers of hawks not only hold the active energy of those artful hunters, but can also be used to identify diseases at skilled hands.

Eagle feathers are thought to be great energy bringers and remind us of the basic sacredness of all birds . They represent peace and happiness and can also drive away harmful energy. 

Basically all feathers can be used for any spell, they can either attract or repel energy. But their color gives them a specify energy which should be chosen in accordance to the wished outcome of the spell. Naturally colored feathers are more powerful than chemically died ones. Often colored candles are used in conjunction with feathers to give additional strength to the spell. 


Courage, good fortune, life, energy, lust, courage, enjoyment, vitality, over activity 

Attraction, energy, success, creativity, physical love, new ideas, will power, love, loneliness 

Intelligence, blessings of the Sun, thinking, reasoning, playfulness, pondering, reasoning 

Harmony, unity, fertility, growth, finances, nature, nature spirits, animal and plant spirits, forgiveness, selfishness 

Psychic awareness, peace, health, connection with spirits, protection, believe, faith, knowledge, communication 

Spiritual awakening, deep spirituality, knowing of ones, faith, devotion, intuition, idealism 

Love, romance, caring, feelings, empathy, kindness, love, tenderness, loneliness, longing 

Purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, blessings of the Moon, balance, finding peace, absorbing energy 

Peace, neutrality, being invisible, doubting, neutrality, static 

Protection, driving away, slow energy, grief, loss, repelling energy


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