Gods, Godesses and spirits spellcraft

Calling on spirit entities can help magic, but must be done with care.

God and Goddesses and other spirits are not simply handy energy sources sitting around
to manifest our will. They are powerful beings who are due a healthy portion of
respect. If you’re planning on invoking the blessing or requesting aid from a
particular higher power, learn to pronounce the name of the deity or spirit
correctly, to prepare proper offerings and altar regalia, and familiarize
yourself with the cultural context in which he or she resides.

This takes a little time, but is very important to helping you properly
honor that power in your sacred space. It is also ethically important not just
to randomly call upon a power when you don’t really know anything about them.
The learning process helps you connect with that specific energy, venerate it in
a suitable manner, and thereby improve dialogue with it.

To choose a God or Goddess, spirit, or heroic figure for folk magic, you might
consider one who has magic as part of His or Her domain of influence. Or you
could petition your own personal God or Goddess. Another alternative is to call
upon an entity whose jurisdiction is associated with your goal. Any one of these
three approaches is perfectly fitting. Choose whichever one feels right for your
magical path and techniques.

Following is a list of names arranged by topic for you to consider. Note
that next to each name is an indication of that being’s gender, culture, and,
sometimes, specific sub dominions they are known for. 

To illustrate, the Goddess
Ida-Ten, who may be helpful in general spells for obtaining truth, appears under
that heading, but I have also noted her special power for the realm of legal
matters. An asterisk* accompanying an entry indicates a plural deity or spirit.
Additionally, this is an incomplete listing. 

Amergin (M, Irish)
Baduh (M, Semitic- Messages)
Bharati (F, Hindu)
Fides (F, Roman- In good faith)
Gadel (M, Irish)
Hashye-Altye (M, Navajo)
Hermes (M, Greek)
Hu (M, Egyptian- Authority in)
Ikto (M, Sioux)
Imbaluris (F, Hittite)
Iris (F, Greek)
Mercury (M, Roman)
Nabu (M, Babylonian- Written)
Oghma (M, Irish-Written)
Pairikas (F, Persian)
Tashmit (F, Chaldean- Hearing)
Vach (F, Hindu-Mystical discourse) 

Apollo (M, Greek/Roman)
Athene (F, Greek)
Bragi (M, Norse)
Brighid (F, Irish)
Luormotar (F, Finnish)
Maya (F, Hindu)
Muses* (F, Greek)
Namagiri (F, Hindu)
Odin (M, Scandinavian)
Ptah (M, Egyptian)
Tvashtri (M, Hindu)
Veveteotl (M, Aztec) 

Destiny and Fate
Agathadaimon. (M, Egypt)
Anagke (F, Greek)
Arachne (F, Greek)
Fa (M, Beninese)
Fortuna (F, Roman)
Meri (F, Chaldean)
Moerae, The (F, Greek)*
Nabu (M, Babylonian)
Shai (M, Egyptian) 

Aramati (F, Hindu)
Ebisu (M, Japan- To occupation)
Fides (F, Roman-Promises)
Gaia (F, Greek–Oaths)
Ida (F, Hindu) 

Divination, Oracles, Prophesy
Adraste (F, British)
Apollo (M, Roman)
Bannik (M, Slavonic)
Carmenta (F, Roman)
Dione (F, Phoenician)
Egeria. (F, Roman)
Evander (M, Roman)
Filia Vocis (F, Latin for Hebrew figure)
Gaia (F, Greek)
Gwendydd (F, Welsh)
Hecate (F, Greek)
Ida (F, Hindu)
Inanna (F, Sumerian)
Ishtar (F, Babylonian)
Kwan Yin (F, Chinese)
Mari (F, Basque)
Namagiri (F, Hindu)
Odin (M, Norse)
Phoebus Apollo (M, Greek)
Shamash (M, Babylonian)
Shaushka (F, Hittite) 

Fertility, Fruitfulness, Productivity
Acat (M, Mayan)
Ahurani (F, Persian)
Aima (F, Hebrew)
Althea (F, Greek)
Amahita (F, Persian)
Anat (F, Canaanite)
Apollo (M, Greece/Roman)
Astarte (F, Canaanite)
Atergatis (F, Syrian)
Baal (M, Phoenician)
Bacchus (M, Greek)
Berchta (F, Teutonic)
Bona Dea (F, Roman)
Brimo (F, Greek)
Cupra (F, Etruscan)
Damara (F, British)
Dionysus (M, Greek)
Freya (F, Teutonic)
Isis (F, Egypt)
Lono (F, Polynesian)
Ma (F, Lydian)
Neith (F, Egyptian)
Phoebus Apollo (M, Greek)
Sati (F, Egyptian)
Wajwer (M, Egyptian) 

Maitri (F, Hindu)
Mithras (M, Persian) 

Happiness and Joy
Amaterasu (F, Japanese)
Ataksak (M, Eskimo)
Baldur (M, Scandinavian)
Fu,Hsing (M, Chinese)
Hathor (F, Egyptian)
Hotei (M, Japanese)
Omacatl (M, Aztec)
Samkhat (F, Babylonian)
Tien Kuan (M, Chinese)
Asclepius (M, Greek)
Apollo (M, Greek/Roman)
Brighid (F, Irish)
Diancecht (M, Irish)
Eir (F, Teutonic)
Eshmun (M, Phoenician)
Gula (F, Babylonian)
Hygeia (F, Greek)
Karusepas (F, Hittite)
Kedesh (F, Syrian)
Kwan Yin (F, Chinese)
Liban (F, Irish)
Salus (F, Roman)
Tien Kuan (M, Chinese)
Bannik (M, Slavonic)
Cardea (F, Roman- Protection)
Da-Bog (M, Slavonic)
Dugnai (F, Slavonic)
Gucumatz (M, Mayan)
Hastehogan. (M, Navajo)
Hestia (F, Greek)
Kikimora (F, Slavonic)
Kitchen God (M, Chinese)
Neith (F, Egyptian)
Penates (M, Roman)*
Vesta (F, Roman) 

Knowledge, Insight
Binah (F, Hebrew)
Buddhi (F, Tibetan)
Cerridwen (F, Welsh)
Deshtri (F, Hindu- Learning)
Gwion (M, Welsh)
Namagiri (F, Hindu- Teaching)
Hanuman (M, Hindu- Learning)
Hermes (M, Greek)
K’uei Hsing (M, Chinese- Tests)
Ormazd (M, Persia)
Shing Mu (F, Chinese)
Sia (M, Egyptian)
Tenjin (M, Japanese)
Toma (F, Tibetan) 

Luck, Fortune
Agathadaimon (M, Egyptian)
Benten (F, Japanese)
Bonus Eventus (M, Roman)
Chala (F, Hindu)
Diakoku (M, Japanese)
Gansea (M, Hindu)
Kichijo-Ten (F-japanese)
Lakshmi (F, Hindu)
Muses, The* (F, Greek)
Tamon. (M, Japanese)

*Magic (General, Including Psychic Ability)
Amathaon (M, Welsh)
Aunt Piety (F, Chinese)
Aradia (F, Italian)
Ayizan (F, Haitian)
Cernunnos (M, Celtic)
Cerridwen (F, Welsh)
Dakinis (F, Tibetan- Psychic) *
Diana (F, Roman)
Ea (MI Babylonian)
Eterna (F, Chinese)
Gulleig (F, Teutonic)
Habondia (F, Medieval)LOVE, ROMANCE
Hecate (F, Greek)Amun Ra (M, Egyptian)
Herodias (F, Gaulish)Anat (F, Canaanite)
Holle (F, Teutonic)Angus (M, Irish)
Kwan Yin (F, Chinese)Aphrodite (F, Greek)
Mari (F, Basque)Belili (F, Sumerian)
Odin (M, Scandinavian)
Rangda (F, Hindu)
Untunktahe (M, Dakota)
Al-Lat (F, Persian)
Anumati (F, Hindu)
Artemis (F, Greek)
Ashima (F, Samaritan)
Belili (F, Sumerian)
Callisto (F, Greek)
Diana (F, Roman)
Fati (M, Polynesian)
Gou (M, Beninese)
Hecate (F, Greek)
lah (M, Egyptian)
Ilmagah (M, Semitic)
Jerah (F, Hebrew)
Levanah (F, Chaldean)
Luna (F, Roman)
Mah (M, Persian)
Mani (M, Nordic)
Re (F, Phoenician)
Selene (F, Greek) 

Peace, Harmony, Restitution
Athene (F, Greek)
Concordia (F, Roman)
Forseti (MI Scandinavian)
Harmonia (F, Greek)
Kuan-Ti (M, Chinese)
Pax (F, Roman) 

Anna Koun (F, Hindu)
Anna Perenna (F, Roman)
Anu (F, Irish)
Benten (F, Japanese)
Buddhi (F, Hindu)
Daikouku (M, Japanese)
Inari (M, Japanese)
Jambhala (M, Buddhist)
Lakshmi (F, Hindu)
Lu-Hsing (M, Chinese)
Ops (F, Roman)
Plutos (M, Greek)
Vasudhara (F, Hindu) 

Aditi (F, Hindu)
Atar (M, Persian)
Auchimalgen (F, Chilean)
Achilles (M, Greek)
Mars (M, Roman)Athena (F, Greek)
Nahmauit (F, Egypt)Atlas (M, Greek)
Padmapani (M, Buddhist)
Prometheus (M, Greek)
Sheila-na-gig (F, Irish)
Shui-Kuan (M, Chinese)
Syen (M, Slavonic-Home)
Thor (M, Scandinavian) 

Sexual enjoyment
Aphrodite (F, Greek)
Arami (F, Hindu)Perseus (M, Greek)
Bes (M, Egyptian)Sita (F, Hindu)
Hathor (F, EgyptianSuwa (F, Arab)
Heket (F, Egyptian)Zorya (F, Slavonic)
Indrani (F, Hindu)
Lalita (F, Hindu)SOLAR
Min (M, Egyptian)
Rati (F, Hindu)
Venus (F, Roman) 

Strength, Courage
Achilles (M, Greek)
Athena (F, Greek)
Atlas (M, Greek)
Bellona (F, Roman)
Hercules (M, Roman)
Mars (M, Roman)
Morgan (F, Breton)
Muilidheartach (F, Scottish)
Neith (F, Egyptian)
Peresus (M, Greek)
Sita (F, Hindu)
Suwa (F, Arab)
Zorya (F, Slavonic) 

Solar Magic
Amaterasu (F, Japanese)
Amun Ra (M, Egyptian)
Apollo (M, Greek/Roman)
Asva (F, Hindu)
Aya (F, Babylonian)
Baldur (M, Scandinavian)
Bast (F, Egyptian)
Bochica (M, Columbian)
Da-Bog (M, Slavonic)
Dyaus (M, Hindu)
Eos (F, Greek)
Helios (M, Greek)
His-Ho (F, Chinese)
Hyperion (M, Greek)
Igaehindvo (F, Native American)
Li (F, Chinese)
Maui (M, Polynesian)
Sul (F, British)
Surya (M, Hindu) 

Akaru,Hime (F, Japanese, Water)
Bielbog (M, Slavonic, Forest)
Ekchuah (M, Mayan)
Glaucus (M, Greek, Water)
Hasammelis (M, Hittite)
Kunado (M, Japanese, Roads)
Mercury (M, Roman) 

Truth, Validity, Justice
Aleitheia (F, Gnostic)
Anase (M, African- Intermediary)
Apollo (M, Greek/Roman)
Astraea (F, Greek)
Erinyes (F, Greek)*
Filia Vocis (F, Latin)
Forseti (M, Scandinavian)
Gibil (M’ Babylonian, Arbitration)
Ida-Ten (M, Japanese, Legal matters)
Kukuri-Hime (F, Japanese, Mediation)
Ma’at (F, Egyptian)
Misharu (MI Babylonian, Rules)
Mithras (M, Persian)
Nusku (M, Babylonian)
Sin (F, Teutonic)
Tyr (MI Teutonic, Rules)
Varuna (M, Hindu, Justice) 

Victory, Success
Hercules (M, Roman)
Korraual (F, Hindu)
Nike (F, Greek)
Victoria (F, Roman)
Vijaya (F, Hindu) 

Aeolus (M, Greek, Wind)
Agni (MI Hindu-Rain and lightning)
Awhiowhio (MI Australian, Whirlwinds)
Gwalu (M, Nigerian, Rain)
Hadad (M, Babylonian, Storms)
Holle (F, Teutonic, Snow)
Jupiter (M, Roman)
Mama Quilla (F, Incan, Rain)
Mari (F, Basque)
Peroun (M, Slavonic, Thunder)
Rainbow Snake (M/F, Australian)
Rodasi (F, Hindu, Storm)
Sadwes (F, Persian, Rain)
Sarama (F, Japanese, Wind)
Saranyu. (F, Hindu, Clouds)
Thor (M, Scandinavian, Thunder)
Tien Mu (F, Chinese, Lightning)
Tallai (F, Canaanite, Rain) 

Atri (M, Hindu)
Baldur (MI Scandinavian)
Bragi (M, Norse)
Buddha (M, Far Eastern)
Dainichi (M, Japanese)
Ea (M’ Babylonian)
Gasmu (F, Chaldean)
Heh (F, Egyptian)
Ekadzati (F, Tibetan, Mystical)
Metis (F, Greek)
Minerva (F, Roman)
Clannes (M’ Babylonian)
Prajna (F, Hindu)
Shekinah (F, Hebrew)
Sophia (F, Gnostic)

For more information on Gods
and Goddesses of the world, refer to The Witch’s God and The Witch’s Goddess, by
Janet and Stewart Farrar, or Ancient Shining Ones, by D. J. Conway. 


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