Magick Protection Wreath

Use several long branches of fresh rosemary, from at least one to two feet long, or how ever big you wish to make the wreath. Form the branches into a circular shape tying them together with a fine green cotton thread. When the basic wreath shape is made, use extra sprigs of rosemary to give it a fuller appearance. Secure the sprigs to main body of the wreath with the green thread. When you achieve the look and size of the wreath you want, you can dress it up by inserting other fresh herbs within the twines. The dried seed heads of rue, dill, and fennel work well. 

Make sure the wreath has a well-balanced appearance, and that the herbs are firmly attached to the rosemary. Now collect several of these flowers and poke 3, 7, or 9 into the wreath for added protection: snapdragons, cyclamen, garlic flowers, marigolds, carnations, or roses. After your wreath is finished, tie a red ribbon into a bow at the top or bottom of the wreath. Attach a string or fine steel wire to the wreath to hang it with. 

Hang it up wherever protection is needed; over the hearth, on the door, or even in the windows. Any type of
protective herbs may be used in this powerful wreath. The fresh flowers, of course, will
have to be replaced in intervals, but the herbs will dry beautifully!


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