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Shakti Wicca defines itself as a Universalist Shakta Wiccan tradition, incorporating tribal and folk Shakta elements of shamanism, various forms of psychicism, and the use of practical magick as aids for spiritual transformation and the development of personal relationships with the Deities, alongside the classical scriptures and practices. 

Shakti Wicca is a self-initiatory tradition of eclectic Wicca that draws most of its spiritual inspiration from the Hindu tradition, in the same manner that other Wiccan traditions draw the bulk of their inspiration from Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian or other spiritual cultures. It is considered an eclectic tradition, despite its focus on the Hindu pantheon and spiritual philosophy, due to the freedom it grants our dedicants in creating their own path. 

Shakti Wicca is similar to what has been generally referred to in the NeoPagan community as “Hindu Wicca”, and “IndoPaganism”, although Shakti Wicca strives to provide a definite belief structure and training scheme, which is easily accessible to those who resonate with a Hindu-inspired Wiccan spiritual path. 

Shakti Wicca utilizes a worship and ritual structure that is based in both Western NeoPagan traditions, as well as traditional Hinduism – so that it remains familiar and easily adhered to by modern Western dedicants. Worship will always contain simple, but important elements from Hindu puja (ritual worship) and the overall theology will be based in universalist Shaktism, although the extent to which the dedicant incorporates traditional Hindu aspects such as the usage of Sanskrit and dietary restrictions is up to the individual. Reference to the Wiccan cosmology, mythos and basic ritual framework will be maintained in order to keep logical syncretic correspondences between the two traditions.


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