Consecrating other Wiccan Tools

Pagan tools are nothing if not consecrated properly.

Consecration (Exorcism) purifies by means of salt, water and incense. The salt, water, and
incense stand for the four elements of the Wise - earth, water, and fire, together with air –
symbolically constituting the basis for the material universe, in the language of alchemy and

By consecrating anything, you are in effect using these four basic constituents to "wash" the
Article of all extraneous vibrations, prior to recharging it with your own will and concentrated
power. Consecration must take place before a circle is cast, as of course the tools are used in
magickal rites. 

Basically, any form of words can be used to consecrate something, ranging from a long
ecclesiastical sounding Latin invocation to a simple jingle. Witches generally prefer the latter.
The chants can be freely replaced by your own words (which are best) before a consecration is
to take place, it is best to take a nice herbal or ritual bath and meditate. Indoors or out, one
must be comfortable, alone and in a very positive state of mind. 

Raw Materials
In preparation (Anytime new items are to be consecrated this must be done first)
Take a small handful of new or sea salt and casting into a bowl of fresh water,
BREATHE these words (or yours) onto the water's surface, mentally visualizing -
And this is the important thing - with all the faith, will, and imagination you can muster,
a dim bluish light beginning to hover over you. 

"Water and earth
Where you are cast
No spell nor adverse purpose last
Not in complete accord with me.
As my word, so mote it be!" 

This is now your charged salt and water with you will use to make your working tools.
Similarly, casting a few grains of church quality incense (Frankincense tears or Myrrh)
onto a glowing charcoal block contained in a mug or ashtray filled with sand, chant as you
hold your hand outstretched over it: 

"Creature of fire
this charge I lay,
no phantom in thy presence stay.
Here my will addressed to thee;
and as my word, so mote it be!" 

Again, strongly visualize the coals radiating that strange blue light as you speak. With this
charged fire, you complete consecration of raw materials and move onto the working tools: 

The Cup and the Censer
These tools, on the whole, must be consecrated first before the Athame and other tools, as
they take a part in the latter's erasure. 

The Cup
Once you have acquired a suitable goblet and the moon is waxing toward full, take your charged
water and steep in it the following powdered herbs: 

(proper substitution may be used) 

A re-charge of the water must now be done (as explained above). Having done this, sprinkle the
cup with the water and pass it through the incense smoke, chanting words to this effect, and
visualizing the blue purifying light flickering around you as you do. 

"By water and fire
I conjure thee
That there remain within thy frame
no adverse thought nor enmity.
Hear my will! Attend to me!
As my word, so mote it be!" 

The Censer
Again a simple process, once a metal chafing dish or suitable censer is acquired, fill it with an
inch or so of sand. Once again when the moon is waxing, consecrate your censer in the same
manner with charged fire water, as you did your cup. Now you have a working cup and censer
in which to charge your water and fire for the following three main consecrations: (and all after) 

The Athame
Once your double-edged, black hilted knife is acquired, when the moon is waning, make an infusion
in distilled water of any of the following herbs. Into this mix a drop of your own blood (traditionally a black cat but we're not going there)

Dragon's Blood (very common)
Sulphur (not indoors!)
Asafetida (again not indoors!) 

Consecrate your knife with water from your cup and the incense above in your censer, then heat the blade on the coals of your censer until it gets as hot as possible. You will have to stoke up good heat to do this. When the blade is red hot, plunge it into your brew, chanting these words (or yours), each immersion, and once again, visualize! 

"Blade of steel
I conjure thee
to ban such things
as named by me.
As my word, so mote it be!" 

This process of tempering should be repeated three times. Having done this, you must magnetize the blade. Hold your athame in your left hand, the magnet by one end (or a lodestone) in your right, and beginning at the handle end, draw the tip of the magnet down the whole length of the blade. Keep this
up for a few minutes always stroking the same direction, chanting these words
as you do: 

"Blade of steel,
I conjure thee
attract all things
as named by me!
As my word, so mote it be!" 

Finally paint your runes on the hilt (optional), and bury it point down for three days and three nights. (your backyard will do fine) At the end of this time you may dig up your athame and wrapping it in a piece of consecrated cloth, tuck it safely away ready for magickal use. 

The Cord
Most Witches make their own cords out of red ribbon or river rushes. The latter takes an artisan to make
properly. Out of this, measure of three, six-foot lengths. When the moon is waxing, consecrate these with fire and water, and knotting the ends together, start braiding them, chanting the following jingle (or your own), binding in the magickal light with each twist: 

"Made to measure
wrought to bind,
Blessed Be thou cord entwined."
When done, tie the end off to prevent unraveling and
repeat your sealing words:
"So mote it be!" 

Finally, tie another knot three feet six-inches from the first knot, a further one at four feet, another at
four feet six, another at five feet, and finally another at five feet six inches. These knots are used for circle
layout of various size. 

The Book of Shadows
Assuming you have purchased/made a suitable book of fine paper, again when the moon is waxing, cover the back and binding of the book with the material of your choice (natural material is best). Consecrate your new book in the same manner as the other tools and while you draw your runes/diagrams on the cover, chant: 

"Book of words,
book of deeds,
Blessed Be thou book of art!"
Finally write your witch name in the centre of the
cover and seal once again:
"So mote it be!" 

This book , along with your athame will be your most treasured magickal possession and should not
be flaunted or shown unless it is to other witches or coven members.


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