Consecration of Wiccan Tools

Items needed:

                      Tool(s) to be consecrated

                      Bowl of water

                      Bowl of salt


                      White candle

Cast a proper circle before doing any magickal work. Place the tool to be
consecrated on the pentacle. Touch it with your left hand and say: "I consecrate
this tool to cleanse it, so that it may be purified and able to serve me in the magick
circle. In the name of the Mother Goddess and the Father God, you are consecrated." 

Pick up the tool. Touch it to the salt. Pass it through the incense and
the flame of the candle. Sprinkle it with water. Then hold the tool to the sky and
say: "Lady and Lord, bless this (name of tool). Let it be pure for thy service and bind
it so that no harm will come to anyone from it's use. Keep watch over it and guard
the works that come forth from it. I dedicate this tool to thy service. So mote it be!"

Continue with magickal workings or close the circle.


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