Herbal Bath Bags

I have recently gone nuts on herbal bath bags! A while ago I was sent a lovely herbal bath bag from Witchie Jessie and I must confess she was the one who really started me off on this little mission! So thank you Jessie. I have been experimenting and generally playing around with different herbs and trying out different recipes for a little while now and thoroughly enjoying myself! 

So I thought I would share with you different ideas so you too can enjoy these lovely relaxing baths.
So on the left you will find some different recipes you may like to try and of course I will be adding to these as time goes by.

However first things first let me give you a little background on herbs and teas you can use in your herbal bath bags.

Sea Salt
Sea salt is high in minerals and has a detoxifying effect on the body. As sea salt pulls toxins from the skin, it also moisturizes. Sea salts can be used alone or added to other bath mixtures. 

Dry Milk
You can use any of the dry milks (low fat, regular, etc.) in a bath. The lactic acid in milk exfoliates the skin as the fats soften and moisturize the skin. Because of the moisturizing effects, you may want to use a dry milk powder with a higher fat content. Dry milk powder can be added to a bath water by itself or added to a bath mixture. 

The easiest way to used dried herbs is to use what you have in your cupboards or what is available in tea bags. I spent quite a while having a little mooch around my local supermarket for different teas and you will be surprised what you can find! I needed Camomile for one of my recipes and I searched around the internet thinking I couldn't use tea bag herbs but you can! So I came home with quite a collection! So by all means search your local supermarket or health food store there are many many different types of teas and perfect for making your own herbal bath bags.

Popular herbs for use in the bath include chamomile, calendula (skin soothing) and other tea blends such as those blends with rose petals, hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaves etc.. The only restrictions are if you have allergies to the herb or if too much cinnamon is used in the blend, it could irritate the skin. Dried herbs are best used to enhance other bath mixtures. 

Green tea has antioxidants that are excellent as a tonic for the skin. Black tea is soothing for the skin and actually binds broken skin cells. An excellent natural remedy for a sunburn is to brew a couple of cups of strong black tea and add it to a bath because of black tea's ability to heal damaged skin. Teas can be used to enhance other bath blends. 

Oatmeal (and yes you can use Porridge oats!)
Any type of oats can be used in the bath. If the oatmeal is ground before it is added to a mixture, it will soften faster and release its skin soothing ingredients. You could cook the oatmeal before adding to a bath bag or you can add it as a dry ingredient. You can use oatmeal by itself for a bath or as an ingredient in a bath blend.

Here is a small list of some herbs you can try in your herbal bath bags


Black Pepper 



Clary Sage 

Elder Flower 





Lemon Balm





Ylang Ylang

I will be adding to this list as time goes by



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