Laughing Buddha symbols at a glance

The laughing Buddha statue is a symbol of happiness and contentment. The Laughing Buddha is seen in different postures, each having a different significance. Here is a quick guide to the different symbols your Buddha may be seen with.

The Wealth Ball is thought to represent a pearl. It is a symbol of the greatest treasure of all, wisdom. 
is sometimes seen as a pearl. In China, the pearl represents immortality, potentiality, and wisdom. Treasure dragons were believed to live in caves deep in the earth and to possess a magical pearl that multiplied if it was touched. This pearl was a symbol of the most valuable treasure, wisdom.

Beads/ Necklace
The necklace of beads is the mala, the Buddhist string of prayer beads.

The Ru-Yi, or Bowl of Plenty signifies abundance and wealth. Budai holds the bowl above his head to receive abundance from the heavens. 

is a must for couples longing for the pitter-patter of little feet to fill their homes with more joy and laughter. The Laughing Buddha loves children and is very protective of them. Having him at home will ensure your children are shielded from harm.

Buddha sitting with his fan hat on his head represents enjoyment and good fortune. The wish-giving fan represents joy he waves the fan to drive away worries

Buddha with a fan in one hand and wu lou (bottle gourd) in the other hand brings blessings and good health. The fan wards off misfortune while the wu lou protects from illness.  

The Wish-Giving Fan symbolizes happiness. Budai waves the fan to banish troubles. 

Gold Ingot/ Coins
Buddha holding a gold ingot with his hands upright signifies abundant riches and good luck. 

Money Bag/Sack
Buddha with a money bag and a gold ingot represents wealth and good fortune.

Buddha carrying a bag of gold on his shoulder symbolizes prosperity. 

Buddha carrying a bag of blessings on his right shoulder and a fan in his left hand protects you and keeps you safe during long journeys. 

The Parasol gives protection by deflecting misfortune and offering protection. 

Ruyi or sceptre
(meaning "as you wish" in Chinese) symbolizing power and authority which in turn leads to achievement of goals and subsequent abundance.

The Standing Happy Buddha brings riches and happiness. 

Buddha sitting on a large gold nugget with a smaller nugget in his hand ready for giving to others. This position of the Laughing Buddha is symbolic of good luck. 

Buddha with a travel stick in his hand protects you from harm during journeys. 

The Wu-Lou Gourd, or Gourd of Enlightenment 
contains the elixir of youth for a long life.  

Arms above his head, holding the Ru-Yi Bowl of Plenty.

Protecting Wealth. Seated on coins, or Bag of Blessings.

Safe Travels. Bag of Blessings over his shoulder, and holding the Wealth Ball.

Enlightenment. Seated, with bag over the shoulder, and holding the Wealth Ball.

Happiness. Sitting and holding a parasol over his shoulder.

Spiritual Journey, or Long Life. Carrying the Gourd of Enlightenment, the Fan and Prayer Beads.


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