Tumbled stone healing kit

My basic healing kit consists of one tumbled stone or cabochon for each chakra, plus two
clear quartz crystals, one piece of calcite and two black stones such as hematite or black
tourmaline. The stones I will talk about here are easy to find and will serve you well.
They are the stones I generally recommend for the color meditation which will be added
later. However, if you cannot find one of the stones in this section, substitute it with
another stone from the list below each chakra. I have tried to include only stones which
are readily available in most crystal stores. 

When you choose your stones, bear in mind that they will be placed on the body, either
your own or someone else's. Try and find stones that have a flat side so they will not roll
off at a crucial time. Choose cabochons if you can. A cabochon is a stone which has been
cut and polished, usually in an oval or circular shape with a domed top and flat base.
(They are generally used in jewelry such as rings to sit flat against the skin in their metal

Always place the stones upon the body from the first chakra up, then add the additional
stones to the hands and below the feet. When you remove the stones at the completion of
the healing session, do so in the reverse order.

The following information has the stones I recommend for a basic healing kit. I have added a
bit of extra information on the shape of the crystal as there are a few you can find in their
natural form.

First, Root or Base Chakra: Smoky Quartz
Colour: Light brown to almost black
Choose: Tumbled stone, cabochon or natural crystal

Smoky quartz will initiate the movement of the primal forces of the body. As soon as it is
placed upon the body, its energy will signify that a healing is about to take place. On
placing the smoky quartz on the body, the first stirrings of Universal Energy will take
place. Smoky quartz will draw the energy up from the earth mother and begin to send it
through the chakra system towards the crown. As soon as the stone is placed upon the
person it will not only begin the process of healing, but its mildly sedative and calming
energy will put the person into a relaxed state and dissolve any tension or anxiety they
feel about what is about to happen. Smoky quartz is also a grounding stone, which means
that its energy will keep people stable and aware throughout the process of the healing
and prevent them from feeling spaced out. It will also assist them in remembering the
process once it is completed.

Smoky quartz is a good stone to use to strengthen the internal organs of the body,
especially the adrenals, kidneys and pancreas. It increases fertility and balances sexual
energy and also lifts depression. It is a good stone for people who exhibit suicidal
feelings, fatigue and stress or tension, and it enhances dream awareness.
If you use a natural smoky quartz as the first chakra stone, it will most probably have a
point. Make sure that the point is placed upwards, pointing towards the belly.
Alternative Stones for the First Chakra: Black tourmaline, hematite, red jasper, garnet,
black, mahogany or snowflake obsidian, red quartz.

Second, Naval, Sacral or Sexual Chakra: Carnelian
Colour: Deep Orange
Choose: Tumbled stone or cabochon

Carnelian is a highly evolved healing stone and its main purpose is for regeneration of all
aspects of the Being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When carnelian is placed
upon the body it purifies negative energies and provides a calming energy to enable the
person to ready themselves for the healing to take place. Carnelian also revitalises, injects
a feeling of emotional warmth and joy and assists with concentration and focus. It will
allow the healing to manifest on all levels, including the physical plane. It is a variety of
chalcedony which is also a member of the quartz family, so it is ideal in assisting the
smooth flow of Universal Energy which begins with the placing of smoky quartz.
Because it is such a joyous stone, it assists with the optimism and faith of the person, lifts
gloom and despondency and soothes irritation.

Carnelian is an excellent stone for people who have experienced a form of abuse, whether
it be sexual, physical, emotional or mental (or any combination of these). It is particularly
good for remembering childhood memories, positive and negative, and is one of the
primary stones for past life exploration. Because many current life issues stem from past
lives, it is an obvious stone to use in a crystal healing.
Carnelian is good to use for energising the blood, kidneys, lungs, liver, gall bladder and
mental bodies. It also assists in stimulating a deeper love and appreciation for the beauty
and gifts of the earth and the physical plane.
Alternative Stones for the Second Chakra: Dark colored amber, red coral, crocoite,

Third or Solar Plexus Chakra: Tiger Eye
Colour: Golden yellow
Choose: Tumbled stone or cabochon

Tiger eye enhances personal power. When this stone is placed upon the body it gives a
feeling of strength to the person and the belief that they can undertake the necessary
searching and make the necessary changes to enable the healing to take place. This is
important because the person needs to feel that the healing is taking place because of
their own efforts and not because you are doing something to them. Tiger eye carries the
energy of emotional balance and removes fears. It is therefore useful for people who may
have doubts about the healing process and a lack of belief that healing will take place.

Sometimes the lack of belief may manifest in stubbornness and the tiger eye will soften
this feeling and allow the belief to come through. Tiger eye is a very highly spiritually
evolved stone and builds a firm foundation for spiritual expansion. Because all
metaphysical healing is rooted in spiritual practise, it is the idea third chakra stone. Its
added benefits are its grounding qualities and its ability to assist the person in centering
themselves and focusing on the task ahead.

Tiger eye benefits the spleen, pancreas, digestive organs and colon. It is therefore an
excellent stone for people who carry a lot of anger, often the basic cause of dis-ease.
Alternative Stones for the Third Chakra: Yellow amber, citrine, yellow fluorite, pyrite,
golden topaz

Fourth or Heart Chakra (Rose Quartz)
Colour: Green or Pink
Choose: tumbled stone, cabachon, polished piece or natural rough stone.

Rose Quartz has a dynamic intensity and healing power. A healer for internal wounds.
Aids kidneys and circulatory system. Increases fertility. Helps clear stored anger,
resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy. Reduces stress and tension, cools temper. Enhances self
confidence and creativity. Promotes love, forgiveness, compassion. It is often called the
'love stone'. When healing with or wearing rose quartz, be prepared for emotional
releases and the surfacing of suppressed memories and feelings.

Use a tumbled stone, a cabachon or shaped and polished stone, or a small piece of natural
rose quartz rock.
Alternative Stones for the Fourth Chakra: Pink or green aventurine, moss agate,
rhodonite, rhodocrosite, green jasper.

Fifth or Throat Chakra (Blue Lace Agate)
Colour: Light blue
Choose: tumbled stone or other polished piece.

Blue lace agate helps to open and expand consciousness. Enhances creativity and
confident statement. Calming to the mind, soothing to the emotions. Encourages
communication, wisdom, patience, peace, kindness, honesty. Influences thyroid, nervous
system. Strengthens a sense of calm centredness to help in social situations. Discourages
nervous habits. Useful for building confidence in public speaking. It is also excellent for
cooling hot tempers and relieving stress. Can be carried or worn when you want to
maintain calm. Good for neutralising energies such as anger, infection, inflammation and
fever. Opens the throat chakra for other stones to be used to express higher wisdom.
Alternative stones for the Fifth Chakra: Holly blue agate, blue fluorite, aquamarine, blue

Sixth or Third Eye Chakra (Amethyst)
Colour: Purple or Dark Blue
Choose: natural point, tiny cluster, tumbled stone, faceted stone, shaped piece.

Amethyst enhances right brain activity. Blood cleanser and energiser. Assists purification
and regeneration; cuts through illusion. One of the best stones to use for meditation, it has
a calming mental effect. Use for overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed mental
states. Especially good for people suffering from recurrent nightmares. Will help clear
and transform energies in the environment where it is placed. Will help to release
unbalanced energies. Also helps you understand your dreams. Amethyst has strong
protective qualities and will enhance psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Balances
and soothes an over-active mind. Mythology says that Amethyst helps us remain sober - it
is the stone that Bacchus used to cure his drunkenness. Amethyst can also be utilised for
cleansing other crystals and stones, by placing them on an amethyst cluster. Strengthens
endocrine and immune system and is useful in the treatment of emotional/mental
disorders, nervous disorders and easing pain. As an elixir it is useful for easing the pain of
arthritis. Faceted stones are really good for energy focus and need not be large.
Alternative stones for the Sixth Chakra: Lapis lazuli, sodalite, charoite, strombolite,
purple fluorite, azurite.

Seventh or Crown Chakra (Clear Quartz Crystal)
Colour: Clear or Purple
Choose: Natural point, tumbled stone, polished shape, cabachon.

Quartz crystals reflect pure white light that can be channeled into daily thoughts, feelings,
words and actions. By touching, wearing, using or meditating with these crystals, one can
work with that light in a physical form. Enhances crystalline properties of blood, body
and mind. Emotional balancer. Stimulates brain functions. Receives, activates, stores,
transforms, transmits and amplifies energy. Excellent for meditation. The most easily
programmed of all crystals and healing stones, because of its crystal shape and flat
faceted points and sides, and the most useful of healing stones. A cluster in a room can
transmit healing energies. Emotional balancer, dispels negativity, amplifies thought
forms. Use clear quartz crystals for contacting your guides and for interdimensional
communication. Beneficial to the whole body but especially the pineal and pituitary

Preferably use a natural point - a small one is fine. Use with the point towards the crown
chakra if possible.

Alternative stones for the Seventh Chakra: Selenite, Calcite, Amethyst (points only)


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