Mind, body and spirit

Learn basic ways to utilize your body, mind and spirit to fulfill your life’s purpose. This guide gives specific examples of activities to help you on your journey.

Many experts on finding your life purpose talk about spending an hour a day on your body, mind and spirit. But what does that mean exactly and how can a person starting out on his or her new path begin?
We will focus on that now with examples of activities and the reasons behind them. If you think there’s not enough time in your busy, complicated day to squeeze in an extra hour, just start with 5 minutes per area each day. Once you begin to see the benefits of these practices, you’ll find the time for yourself! 

After you’ve discovered your life’s purpose, you feel passionate about the future and suddenly have more energy. Use this additional energy to your benefit! There are specific foods that aid in thinking, and this will help you when you’re creating and implementing your new plan. Also, taking time out of your day to exercise or play will help clear your mind and allow you to focus on your goals.
Here are suggestions to begin your 5-minute body time per day:
- Snack on nuts – they are nature’s brain food.
- Play with your pets or children instead of watching television. 

Dedicating five minutes a day to strengthening your mind and exercising your brain is another essential step on your life purpose path to happiness and fulfillment. Your mind needs to be ready and strong to create your plan and follow through with it. You need to be positioned to overcome obstacles and challenges.
Here are suggestions to begin your 5-minute mind time per day:
- Start playing puzzles games like crosswords or sudoku.
- Read five minutes of a favorite book each day. 

Don’t forget to include your higher power in your life’s purpose plan! Sometimes things just happen on their own. There are random people you just happen to meet and opportunities that come up from nowhere – things that happen when you take a chance and believe in yourself. Practicing daily prayer or meditation will help you set aside fears and doubts to clearly see your life’s purpose and help you accomplish it.
Start spending 5 minutes a day on yourself in these LITTLE ways and see how you can make BIG changes in fulfilling your dreams. Your body, mind and spirit can all help you in it’s own individual way. Once you have your goal and vision in mind, use what you already have to achieve your life purpose.

By: Nicolas Baron 


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