The Moon Void of course

Whether you are casting a spell, or just living your life, the Moon’s VOC (void of course) period is a powerful influence. Therefore, it is vitally important that you recognize and consider this astrological influence (or its absence) on a daily basis. 

It takes the Moon 29 1/2 days to circle the Earth. As it does so, it moves through each Zodiac sign in the heavens, spending about 2 1/2 days in each sign. As the Moon passes through the signs, she forms aspects with the planets for a few hours each. The Moon is VOC during the time between making the last major planetary aspect in one sign and her entry into the next sign. The VOC period can last as little as a few seconds, to as much as a couple days. As soon as the Moon enters a new sign, the VOC period ends. 

During a VOC period, there are certain things one should do and certain things one should avoid. If you are familiar with the effects of a Mercury Retrograde this will sound familiar to you. The Moon VOC is an astrologically inappropriate time to initiate plans, start new projects, or make big decisions. You may want to avoid setting appointments (including medical appointments) if the appointment is pertaining to a new question, idea or concern. Avoid shopping (especially for large purchases,) job interviews, signing contracts, getting married, home/auto/other repairs, traveling and first dates. Don’t sell or give away things, especially on a whim. It is a perfect time, however, to perform routine tasks, reflect on yourself, meditate, organize, clean, play, relax, file, read, etc. 

How and why is this the case? The Moon rules our emotions and our judgement. When she is void of course (not in a sign) she is resting. Without her influence actively in a sign we may find ourselves feeling fuzzy, confused, uncertain or vague. Therefore tasks and actions that require either our judgement or our emotional stability are compromised. 

The actual meaning of “Void of Course” is “nothing will come of it.” Plans made during this time are more likely to either fall through, or go unexpectedly. Contracts signed may not go as smoothly as hoped. Relationships begun may be confused and unbalanced. Purchases made may not work as expect, or be prone to breaking and malfunctioning. 

Think of this time as the Moon refreshing and revitalizing herself, and her suggestion that you do the same. In this busy world we have created we often forget to take the time to sit, reflect, relax, play, or get menial tasks done. If we take our cue from the Moon and follow her cycles, we will experience a greater degree of balance and harmony in our lives. And just as important, we can avoid some of the snafus that may otherwise have been in our way.


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