Laughing Buddha with Dragon

The Laughing Buddha with a Dragon surrounding him is Good Fortune a must for those wishing for riches and abundance.
A dragon surrounding your Buddha is protection from evil. The dragon is symbolic of the Buddha being able to tame and control all worldly things for his own good. 

The statue of a Happy Buddha sitting on a Dragon Turtle signifies happiness, good luck and fortune. The Dragon Turtle sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots is a distinct representation of wealth and prosperity. The Dragon Turtle is a Chinese legendary symbol depicting the dragon’s head and the turtle’s body. The dragon represents courage and strength. The turtle stands for support and stability. This powerful combination of two Feng Shui symbols brings together the qualities of the dragon and the turtle, which indicates long life, permanence and success. The Happy Buddha on a Dragon Turtle is known to be a perfect remedy to combat bad luck which comes in the form of illness, financial losses and mishaps.


Anonymous said...

i have laughing buddah with dragon around it with furtunes hopes this well bring us good forture for im only doin part time job id like to have a permanent stable work like maybe in a factory cook medical is my prospect but they are only hiring eu national

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