Home cleansing and protection spell

Home Cleansing and Protection Spell 2
Can be renewed every year usually at the end of spring cleaning.
You will need:
2 bundles of sage
Bottle of White Angelica oil
A Coin
Scrap of white cloth (about 4 inch square will do)
Disposable pie pan (to use as a burn pan or something else to use to contain fire).

Open all doors and windows (closet doors, cupboards, and any storage space doors).
Start a bundle of sage burning in the center of your home near the front door. Then leave the sage in a heat resistant pan or container on the floor until you return to the front door.
Call your circle. You will need to visualize a white light of protection surrounding your home above, around and below, this may take some deep concentration.

Add your own words of how you need the home to be cleansed and protected. Most importantly, make sure you name all the people and pets who live there in your home. Tell them how you want your home to be, such as; lively and very active or a tranquil retreat away from the outside world.

Then light the second bundle of sage and put some of the Angelica oil on the cloth. Carry the sage in a heat resistant container and the cloth to the every room of your house (basement or attic). Tell all the areas that the bad goes out and the light comes in. Be sure the sage smoke reaches in all corners, openings and closets of all the rooms in your home, to include bathrooms. When you come to a window or door go around the frame with the oil cloth. Continue this from room to room going though every room until you lastly come to the front door. Look out your door and claim the house as your own. Ask for the prosperity of your family and then place the coin in a hidden spot by the door ( where one might hide a key). Set fire to the oil cloth telling the bad that it is not welcome to come through your door. When that has burnt down in the heat resistant container, put the sage ashes from both containers with it and bury it near the front door. Thank the gods and close the circle.
Then say: “So Mote It Be!”

It is best to perform this ritual alone with all family members outside and then use your hand to put a dot of the oil on their forehead of the family members and pets as they enter the house.


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