Protection Spell

Protection Spell
This is for your home to keep out negative influences and also negative people. Make sure you put in enough energy and intent, people or are negative before entering your home will find it a very uncomfortable experience.
You will need
A black candle
Sea salt

Sprinkle a fine line of salt on every windowsill and door frame from the outside if your unable to do this from the outside then you may do it inside but you must remember why the salt is there when cleaning!
As you sprinkle the salt saying the following
Sacred Salt protect this house,
Keep it safe from thug and louse’
Protect all those who dwell inside,
Negative forces have no place to hide.
When you have finished sprinkling, come back inside, light the black candle and sprinkle a circle of salt around it and say
Sacred Candle, Sacred Flame
Protect this household in your name.
Keep chanting this again until you feel like you’ve made a “connection”. When you’re finished, snuff out the candle and say:
This is my will, so mote it be!
Do not blow out the candle you should never blow a candle out you will remove all the good you have just done


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