Superstitions Surrounding Death

If There is a funeral going on in your town, do not travel long distances or travel out of your town. You have to stay in your town until the funeral is over, for if you leave during a funeral before it has finished your…
trip will be full of bad luck. 

If you hear 3 knocks and no one is there, it usually means someone close to you has died. The superstitious call this the 3 knocks of death. 

If you leave something that belongs to you to the deceased, that means the person will come back to get you. 

If a firefly/lightning bug gets into your house someone will soon die. 

If you smell roses when none are around someone is going to die. 

If you don’t hold your breath while going by a graveyard you will not be buried. 

If you see yourself in a dream, your death will follow. 

It is said that if a dead person appears to you in a dream and asks you to go somewhere with them, don’t do it! No matter how much you loved the person in life, if you agree to go somewhere with them you will soon follow them in death. 

If someone dies and a child that is too young to understand death was close to that person, you must cross them over the open grave or they will be haunted with memories of the deceased. 

If you look at a full moon over 20 times in one night, bad luck will be cast upon your whole family, with a following death not late after. 

If you see an owl in the daytime, there will be a death. 

If you dream about a birth, someone you know will die. 

If it rains in an open grave then someone in the family will die within the year. 

If a bird pecks on your window or crashes into one that there has been a death. 

If a sparrow lands on a piano, someone in the home will die. 

Two deaths in the family means that a third is sure to follow. 

You’re not supposed to walk among a cemetery with open graves without a veil over your head. Especially children. 

If a bird gets into a house there will be a death 

When you experience a chill up your spine, someone, somewhere has just walked across your future grave site. 

If a picture falls off the wall, there will be a death of someone you know. 

If you spill salt, throw a pinch of the spilt salt over your shoulder to prevent death. 

Never speak ill of the dead because they will come back to haunt you or you will suffer misfortune.

If you take pictures of someone while in their casket, you will bring death into your family immediately. 

You must always leave the house using the same door as you came in or face a horrific death. 

If a clock that’s stopped working chimes suddenly then a death will befall the family. 

If a mirror is broken and a piece of it lands over the threshold of your house then the next person to enter your house will die. 

If a robin redbreast flies in the window of your house, there will be a death in the house. 

Once you have left a cemetery, if you remember something you have left behind ( scissors for cutting flowers, a trowel for planting blooms) you cannot go back for it and must leave it there because you risk bringing death away with you if you do. 

If you say the name Mary Worth 100 times into a mirror in a darkened room and she appears in the mirror, you will soon die. 
If you look into the eyes of the deceased, they will haunt you forever. 

If your dog becomes rabid, it foretells a death in the family. 

If you are the last one who talks to someone who dies, they will be with you always. 

If you wear a necklace with a cross, and it breaks, your death is near. 

If a white dove flies at the windshield of your car someone in your household will die a natural death soon. 

When a loved one dies, pour bourbon around the room in little drops to prevent evil spirits from coming into the house. 

If a group of people are near a fireplace on New Year’s Eve and one of the people’s shadows does not have a head, that person will die within the year. 

Look up at the moon and if there is something red passing by it, someone close to you will die very soon. 

Leaving shoes on a table for an extended period of time will bring sickness or death. 

If you take three steps backwards while walking away from a loved one’s grave, you will die within the next three months. 

A grain of salt takes a second of life away. if u get covered in salt you will most certainly die soon. 

If you see an ant in the winter, it means death for all people living in your house. 

If you brush your hair more than 111 times a day, you or somebody very close is sure die. 

If your hair begins to turn grey before the age of 30, you will probably die 20 years earlier than expected. 

If any animal dies in the household, you must get rid of all memories of him or he will haunt the house. 

Water in the grave (when dug out for the coffin) means they will be restless in death 

If you see a raven flying toward your house, the woman you love is doomed to die unless you can keep it away from landing on your house. 

If you see an ambulance or a hearse you must touch a button or you’ll be the next one in it. 

The cry of a curlew or the hoot of an owl foretells a death.

A single snowdrop growing in the garden foretells a death. 

Having only red and white flowers together in a vase (especially in hospital) means a death will soon follow. 

Bringing hawthorn blossom into the house will be followed by the death of the mother of the house. 

Sailors believe that a sick man on board ship will not die until land has been sighted. 

If a dead person’s eyes are left open, he’ll find someone to take with him. 

Mirrors in a house with a corpse should be covered or the person who sees herself will die next. 

Pregnant women should not attend funerals. 

Nothing new should be worn to a funeral, especially shoes. 

When a good life was lived, flowers will grow on the deceased’s grave. But if the deceased was evil, weeds will grow. 

It is bad luck to meet a funeral procession head on. 

Funerals on Friday portend another death in the family during the year. 

If a broom is rested against a bed, the person who sleeps there will die soon. 

Taking ashes out of a stove after sundown will bring a death in the family 

If you count the cars of a passenger train, you will hear of a death. 

When you see large drops of rain, there has been a death. 

Seeing a white chicken on your way to a funeral brings bad luck. 

If a woman is buried in black, she will return to haunt the family. 

If rain falls on a corpse, the deceased will go to heaven. 

Thunder following a funeral means that the dead person’s soul has reached heaven. 

You will have bad luck if you do not stop the clock in the room where someone dies. 

If your rose blooms twice in the same year, it brings death. 

If a cow moos after midnight, it is an evil omen. 

If you prick your finger on the thorn of a red rose that looks black, you will die. 

A white moth inside the house or trying to enter means death. 

To see a tree blooming out of season means death as does dreaming of a white horse. 

Hearing a hen crow means death, unless you kill the hen. 

If a hearse stops while passing your house, it will choose its next victim from your house. 

If the coffee grounds in the bottom of a cup form a long, straight line, anticipate a funeral. 

Dropping an umbrella on the floor means that there will be a murder in the house.

A diamond-shaped fold in clean linen portends death. 

A dog howling at night when someone in the house is sick is a bad omen. It can be reversed by reaching under the bed and turning over a shoe. 

If you touch a loved one who has died, you won’t have dreams about them. 

A hat on the bed means death in the family. 

If an owl looks in the window of your home during daylight hours, a death will occur in the family. 

Never hand scissors to someone or they will encounter a painful death. 

If you hold your breath while you drive by a cemetery, evil spirits can’t enter your body. 

You should always cover your mouth while yawning so your spirit doesn’t leave you and the devil never enters your body. 

The soul of a dying person can’t escape the body and go to heaven if any locks are locked in the house. 

If a cow raises its head and smells the air, someone has died nearby. 

Never put your shoes on the table or you will die by hanging. 

If rain falls on a funeral procession someone related to the deceased will die in the near future. 

Rain falling upon an open grave means bad luck for the family.


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