Making Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles have a beautiful sweet honey smell and are the best candles to use so why not make your own.

You will need
Rolled beeswax sheet (buy these in a color that matches your magickal intent)
Lengths of cotton wick
Magickal herbs
Sharp craft knife

To roll your own beeswax candles, warm the beeswax sheets until floppy (a hairdryer works great but be careful don't go nuts as the wax will melt quickly so short little blasts is best until you get the hang of it!).

Right side down, sprinkle the magickal herb all over the inside of the sheet.

Tightly roll the sheet around a length of wick which has been cut slightly longer than the length of your candle. 

You can cut the beeswax sheet to make smaller candles, or leave the sheet whole for taller candles.

If you prefer, cut a diagonal from the top left-hand corner of the sheet to about half-way down the center of the right-hand side and tightly roll up the beeswax, so the candle becomes tiered as it takes shape. Experiment with different angles of the diagonal, cut to create a variety of tiered beeswax candles.

Gently press the end of the sheet into the candle to seal it. (The idea is to give it as seamless a look as possible.)


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