Magickal Powders Wiccan

Please Note:**Powders are not made to be breathed in, but sprinkled around your house. Do not allow children or animals to ingest. 

Powders have long been an integral part of folk magic. They consist of ground herbs which are sprinkled to release their powers. A powder is an incense never burned, a sachet never worn.
Simply grind herbs as finely as possible. To save time you can buy ground herbs, but doing so cheats you of really getting in touch with them. While mortaring the herbs, during the whole long process, visualize…imagine…see your magical goal. The power lies within herbs and within ourselves. If we don’t empower powders, incense or oils, if we don’t accurately “program” them with our magical goals through visualization and concentration, such mixtures will have only slight effects. If you forget the empowerment, you might as well forget the magic. 

Using Magickal Powders
The easiest method is to simply scatter them when and where you need their energies. Other methods are also available:

*Sprinkle the powder in a circle around you, beginning and ending in the East and moving clockwise. Sit within this circle and absorb the powder’s energies.

*Those who work with crystals and stones can add powders to their rituals. Sprinkle the appropriate powder around the crystal (or crystals) as it lays on the altar to increase its power.

*Sprinkle powders around candles before being burned to boost their energies.

*Scatter a ritually appropriate powder over the altar before spells.

*Sprinkle on the altar in specific shapes to use as focal points for visualization: protection powder in pentagrams; love powder in hearts; psychic powders in circles. It doesn’t matter if the powder remains in the shape for long. And so on, as your imagination teaches you.

But remember-do this solely for positive purposes, to affect your possessions, yourself or others from whom you’ve obtained permission. All manipulative magic is negative magic and will rebound on the magician.
One note: some powders, particularly those that contain dragon’s blood, will stain carpets, bed sheets, clothing and other materials. Be aware of this when sprinkling. 

Astral Travel Powder
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Mugwort
1 part Cinnamon
Sprinkle on the bed sheets and pillow before sleeping to encourage consciously directed astral travel. 

Exorcism Powder
3 parts Basil
2 parts Frankincense
2 parts Rosemary
1 part Yarrow
1 part Rue
Sprinkle throughout the house, or in any place needing a strong purification and protection. 

Happiness Powder
2 parts Lavender
1 part Catnip
1 part Marjoram
When you wish to lift your spirits, sprinkle this powder in a circle on the floor or ground and sit within it, drinking in the powder’s energies. Visualize them surrounding you and infusing you with joy. 

Health Powder
2 parts Eucalyptus
1 part Myrrh
1 part Thyme
1 part Allspice
Sprinkle in the sickbed or in the recovery room to speed the body’s healing process. Or scatter on the altar and burn blue candles. 

Love Powder
3 parts Yarrow
3 parts Lavender
2 parts Rose petals
1 part Ginger
For use in attracting love. Be sure to sprinkle the bed sheets or bedroom. 

Luck Powder
2 parts Vetivert
2 parts Allspice
1 part Nutmeg
1 part Calamus
Use to bring positive changes into your life. 

Money Powder
2 parts Cedar
2 parts Patchouli
1 part Galangal
1 part Ginger
To attract money, sprinkle in your place of business, in your wallet or purse. Rub onto money before spending. Or, sprinkle in a dollar sign on the altar and burn green candles over the symbol. 

Prosperity Powder
3 parts Sassafras
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part Pine
To attract wealth in all its forms. 

Protection Powder
2 parts Dragon’s Blood
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Salt
Mix and sprinkle outside around your property to dispel and stave off negativity. 

Protection Powder #2
2 parts Mugwort
2 parts Frankincense
1 part Dill
1 part Juniper
1 part Cumin
Sprinkle where you need protection, inside or out. For personal protection, sprinkle in a circle and stand within it until you’re charged with the herb’s energies. Do this daily to lend protective energies to yourself at all times. 

Psychic Powder
2 parts Yarrow
1 part Rose petals
1 part Lemongrass
1 part Eyebright
Sprinkle before exercising your innate psychic awareness. 

Spirituality Powder
2 parts Wood Ash
1 part Frankincense
1 part Myrrh
1 part Sandalwood
Sprinkle in room prior to meditation or religious rituals to turn your awareness to higher things. Also, sprinkle in circles around blue candles for this purpose. 

Wishing Powder
2 parts Sage
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Tonka
In a lonely place, hold the powder in your right hand (if right-handed). Feel its energies and visualize your wish with perfect clarity. Rouse the power with you and send it into the powder. When it is jumping with energy, fling it as far from you as you can. As the powder touches the Earth, it releases its energy and goes to work to bring your wish into manifestation.


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