Magickal Water

When the home is beset by constant levels of conflict among family members it is likely that hostile energy has suffused the home. Fortunately there is a simple and inexpensive remedy for this problem which makes use of the cooling energies of a number of different enchanted waters. 

Add the following to a large glass bottle with a close fitting lid.
Two Parts Rose Water
One Part Sea Water
One Part Rain Water
One Part Spring Water
Three Parts of Alcohol
A Tiny Mirror or Piece of Mirrored Glass 

The alcohol may be cane, wood spirit or methylated and is essential as it prevents the mixture turning sour. Alternatives to rose water are any one of the essences of lily of the valley, lavender, gardenia or geranium.
The mixture should be gently stirred, keeping in mind the mirror in the bottle. The following chant is then said over the mixture, preferably by the light of a blue candle: 

“Powers of the sea, powers of the rain, powers of stream and field be ye to the right of me and to the left of me. Be ye before and aft and all about.
Flood thy peace into this liquid of the art and bring harmony, blessed concord and tranquility to my home. So mote it be.” 

At this point you may add a single fresh white rose to the bottle. Walk about the home with a small dish of the water, sprinkling a little about in each room. Pour a little into a saucer and place it beneath the beds of particularly restless family members to calm and pacify.


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