Making your own herbal soap

Herbs can be used for cooking, for medicinal or for aromatic purposes. I use them for all three.
Mind, body and spirit are one. 

Herbal soaps created for the enhancement of not only ones beauty, but handcrafted herbal soaps help cleanse the body, while invigorating your senses. Herbal soaps whether homemade or purchased, provide increased cleansing power, soothe and help protect the skin in a beautiful, natural way. Using pure essential oils in soap blends, along with additional almond oil, for extra moisture is always the best move 

Vegetable oils are very good for your skin, providing necessary moisture while allowing your skin to breath. 

Commercially made soaps usually contain animal products such as tallow or lard, as well as many undesirable chemicals and synthetics. These can play havoc with your skin, exacerbating existing conditions and causing others such as clogged pores, dry skin, rashes and more. In most cases, the glycerin has also been removed.

Your skin readily absorbs what is put on it, good or bad. It is one of the quickest ways for chemicals – or nutrients- to enter your body. Be mindful of what you put on your skin, the largest organ of your body. 

Herbal Soap Making Procedure
Here is a step-by-step procedure that you can follow to make your own herbal soap: 

Bring 1/4 cup of water to a boil then add about 2 tablespoons of finely ground herbs of your choice. Let the mixture steep for about 15 minutes. 

Pour in the steeped concoction into your double boiler then reheat. 

Add in the soap (make sure it is cut into fine pieces or grated) and let it melt. You may add in coloring or essential oils at this point to make your soap more interesting. 

Once fully melted, pour in the mixture into the soap mold and allow to harden at room temperature. (It will be best to coat your soap mold first with vegetable oil before pouring in the soap mixture.) 

After a few hours, remove the soap from the mold then allow to harden for a day or two before finally using. 

Note though that coloring and essential oils can irritate sensitive skin. Also, it will be best to use glass or plastic spoons and containers as metals may react with herbal ingredients. 

Making herbal soap is very simple. It only takes a few hours of your time. So why not give your skin the natural treatment it deserves?


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