Success and Prosperity Talisman

During the waxing moon, or the full moon, place a cauldron upon a hand drawn pentacle drawn in the dirt. Inside the caudron place a small dish. Upon the dish, sprinkle some cinnamon and cedar chips. Place three silver coins in front of the cauldron and place a wand next to them. 

You are now ready to begin.
For each coin, tap them with the wand and say the following words, to be repeated three times, once upon each coin tap: 

“Silvery moon, silvery coins
Bring me wealth from your loins.
Upon my word and upon the Moon,
Bring me wealth, bring me a boon.” 

Lay the coins upon the dish of cinnamon and cedar while visualizing great wealth coming your way. With your wand stir the air in the cauldron clockwise seven times, each time chanting the following words: 

“Herbs of success charge this silver
To bring me the prosperity that you can deliver.
Bring me wealth, all that I can hold,
Fill my coffers with silver and gold.” 

Remove the coins from the cauldron and place them in a brown or green talisman bag along with the herbs. Leave this bag out in the moonlight for an entire night. Carry the bag with you at all times if possible. If not practical to carry it with you, place it next to your bed in a location where you will see it each night.


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