Scrying with crystals

If you are using a crystal select one that calls to you. Most people prefer a crystal ball or crystal skull. The crystal must be clear quartz – a larger crystal is best. The crystal will seem appealing to your eye. It does not have to be your ‘personal crystal’. The crystal can be clear or have inclusions in it. Many have rainbows. Some develop cloudy areas when you scry with them. It is best to find a quiet place to scry, so that you can hear your thoughts without distractions and concentrate on the objects you see.

Make yourself comfortable. Adjust your surroundings as you would for a meditation: lighting, noise level, temperature, clothing, glasses, and shoes. Cast a circle and use incense or charged candles if that is your preference. Place the object: 

On a black cloth
In good light – daylight – on a stand with a light beneath it – use a flashlight – near candle light – not too close
Between your hands / fingers
Hold the object in one hand
You can scry alone or with another person to talk to.

As you prepare to scry, be sure that your vantage point for viewing the object is at good eye level. Remember that you will turn the object many times to see different things within it.
Crystal are life forms and have a lot to say and share, they are communication devices. They send and receive signals. You just have to learn to ‘tune in’ to their channel – listen with your thoughts and look a the images that appear on the screen behind your eyes. Older crystals will have more messages as they have experienced more frequencies in their time on the Earth plane and stored more information. Many crystals are record keepers, especially those from ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis.

Crystal skulls, made from very old crystals, are example of ancient crystals. They seem to have an endless amount of messages to give. Most crystals have flat areas through which one can look. These areas are called windows or doors.

Some people need time to adjust their frequency to that of the crystal so they can read into it. More experienced readers, such as myself, can pick up any crystal almost instinctively and feel the energies as if it is talking to me.

They can heal you while you are working with them though you don’t realize it as first. They simple balance the energies in your physical and other bodies.

You can place your crystal over a light of some kind to get a better look at the inside. Crystal stores often have stands with light in them that you rest your crystal on. The light then penetrates through the crystal. I prefer holding crystals up to sunlight! It gives the best clarity. As crystals change, depending on their surroundings, they do develop different patterns within them from the energies they receive.

When you are ready, have as much light as you can running through the crystal. Place one or both hands – on either side of it. Look deeply into the crystal. Allow your eyes to focus on the images within the crystal. Examine all of the shapes until you find one that calls to you. Listen to your thoughts – as the crystal begins to connect its frequency with yours. Turn the crystal in various directions to see different images and get different messages. You will intuitively know what’s best.

Sometimes the images in the crystal may appear to move as you gaze at them. You may want to close the light – then close your eyes – if they work better for you. As with all psychic skills, this could take many attempts to master. If the crystal is not in your frequency you may not receive any messages from it. Try another crystal. 

Interpreting the Images Symbols
The interpretations are generally subjective. Two different people can look at the same image in a crystal and receive two different messages. The images can be about you or about another event that occurred near the crystal or object at any point in time. Crystals have messages of their own. If you are gazing at an inanimate object and see images, they may be reflections of your own soul (past lives, future events, parallel lives, messages from the spirits around you, images from your subconscious mind). Images are symbols. You can get interpretations for them from dream books, or other books with symbols.


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