Feng Shui Remedies

The Feng Shui remedies fall into two main categories. They are, changing placements of existing things and applying cures. 

The method of changing placement of things is the easiest way of Feng Shui remedies. This does not even incur much expense to the residents. So as new practitioners, readers must follow this method first. When you gain enough experience or really feel the need of applying some cure, use the cures from the list of cures given below.
Before going to cures, remember some general tips: 

Have enough sunlight in the premises.
If the shape of the house is irregular, then select extensions in your lucky areas and cuts in the unlucky areas.
Make the roof white to ensure support.
Place an aquarium inside the house on the left of your entrance whenever you need to do the same.
Select a house or plot that it rectangle in shape.
To enhance the academic success place a tower or 4 pencils in holder on the study table. 

Avoid a house that is located at the dead end of the road.
Avoid a house that is tall or small than the neighboring houses.
Avoid a swimming pool on the house. It causes financial loss.
Avoid having dining room under toilet. It causes sickness.
Avoid living near places full of yin energy.
Avoid living right above the garage. It makes life difficult.
Avoid main door facing the back door or window.
Avoid pillars in the middle of the rooms.
Avoid stairs facing the main door. It disturbs the chi flow.
Avoid staying or cooking under the exposed beam.
Avoid the bed facing the toilet. It causes sickness.
Avoid the main door right opposite a tree or pole.
Avoid the place that narrow at the back. It gives bad luck.
Avoid the sight of toilet from the entrance. It drains the chi.
Do not hang wind chimes under a tree. They attract spirits. 


Avoid the house adjacent a very noisy road.
Avoid the view of tall buildings and pillars form the house.
If you feel pleasant on entering the place, know that it is good.
Never select a house with toilet in the center.
Never select a place facing a T-junction.
Never select a placing facing any source of shar chi.
Never select house with many levels in it.

Select a house that is away from temples, grave yards etc.
Select a house with good sunlight and air.
Select a house with the entrance that opens in a corridor.
Take young baby in the place you plan to buy. If the baby is happy, it is good. If the baby cries, it is not good. 

While selecting a new house, select a place that has extensions in your lucky areas and cuts in your unlucky areas. 

Avoid a mirror opposite the entrance. It reflects back the chi.
Avoid a wall opposite the entrance. It blocks the chi flow.
Avoid an entrance at the T-junction.
Avoid entrance that faces another door.
Avoid glass or transparent entrance door.
Avoid the entrance facing a corner.
Avoid the view of a bedroom from the entrance.
If the back door or a window is visible from the main door, put a curtain to avoid the view of these things from the entrance.
If the entrance faces staircases or lift grills etc. place a pa kua with earlier heaven sequence with a mirror in the center on it.
If the toilet door is seen from the entrance, put a curtain to avoid the direct view of the toilet.
It is good to have a wind chime near the entrance.
Keep a three-legged frog near entrance to attract good luck.
Keep an empty vase near the entrance to collect chi.
Keep the area near the entrance properly lighted.
Place a laughing Buddha or luk fuk sou (three wise men) facing the entrance to attract good luck.
Place a pair of fu dogs to protect the entrance from bad energy. 

Avoid clutter in the living room. It produces si chi.
Avoid mirrors in the living room reflecting the entrance.
Avoid never hang swords in the living room or in the house.
Avoid red doormats, sofas and upholstery in the living room.
Do not paint your living room of house yellow.
Have enough light in the living room.
If the living room is dark, mirrors can be used to increase light.
If there is too much light in the living room, use wind chimes. 

Avoid having kitchen under a toilet.
Avoid placing oven over or near fridge.
If oven and fridge are adjacent, separate them by wood.
If the sink and stove are adjacent, separate them by wood. 

Never have a mirror reflecting the stove.
Never have blue flooring in the kitchen.
Never have fridge or washbasin opposite the stove.
Never have staircase opposite the stove.
Never place stove behind toilet or bed.
The stove must not face the entrance, the toilet or the bedroom. 

Avoid mirrors or television sets reflecting the bed.
Avoid plants, cactus or flowers in the bedroom.
Avoid sleeping under a beam.
Avoid sleeping with your feet pointing at the door. 

Do not have empty vases or clutter in the bedroom.
Do not make small children sleep on the floor.
 Do not place crystals in the bedroom.
Have enough space beneath the bed.
It is good to have wind chimes in the bedroom.
Never paint bedroom walls yellow, red or pink.
Never place photos of dead people or Buddha in the bedroom.
Never place two separate mattresses on one double bed.
Never place waterfall picture or fish tank in the bedroom.
Place the bed with its back against a wall.
Place your wedding photo or a pair of ducks in the bedroom.
Sleep with your toes pointing to your good direction. 

Avoid having television in the study room.
Avoid open bookshelves in the study room.
Have good light in the study room.
Have moderately free flowing air in the study room.
It is good to have a computer in the study room.
It is ok to have a mirror reflecting the study table. 

Never allow clutter in the study room.
Never place the study table facing a wall.
Never place waterfall or aquarium in the study room.
Place a tower or 4 pencils on a stand on the study table. 

Avoid red, pink, black or blue flooring in the dining room.
Do not flood the dining table with clutter.
Have a solid wall behind the chair of the breadwinner.
It is good to have a fruit basket placed on the dining table.
Never place a dining table under a toilet or beam.
The dining table should be in a well-lit and airy place. 

Avoid bunker beds for the children.
Have enough light and air in the children’s room.
If possible have the children’s room in the west.
It is ok to have television set in the children's room. 

Never have a fan right above the bed of the children.
Never have mirrors to reflect the bed of the children.
Never place things with sharp edges in the children's room.
Place a small tower on the study table in the children's room. 

Avoid sliding doors wherever possible.
It is not good to have three doors opening on each other.
It is not good to have too many doors in a straight line.
Never have doors forming a triangle.
The doors should have even and regular shapes and designs.
The doors should not be painted red unless advised.
The doors should open clockwise. 

Avoid toilets in your lucky area. If not, place crystals in them.
Never have toilet in the accident area.
Have proper ventilation for the toilet.
If the toilet faces the bed or entrance, keep its door closed.
It is good to have toilets in the areas of mischief or bad luck.
Avoid toilets facing the entrance.
Avoid toilets above kitchen or dining room or bedroom. 

If there are exposed beams in a room, place a pair of bamboo flutes at 45 degrees below them or place creepers over them.
If there are pillars in any room, place creepers around them.
It is not good to have pillars in the middle of a room.
Keep the area under beam clean. It has habit to collect clutter.
Never have beam above dining table.
Never have beams above study table.
Never have kitchen under a beam.
Never sleep under a beam.
Pillars protruding in any room must be softened with creepers.
Place wind chimes under beams if flutes are not available. 

Avoid displaying sharp things in the office.
Avoid open shelves in the office. They create poison arrows.
Avoid pillars inside the office or else paint them in blue gray.
Avoid placing cactus in the office.
Have lot of chi in the office.
If there are stagnant energies in the office, place wind chimes.
It is good to have a picture of mountain behind the boss.
It is good to have many people walking in the office.
It is ok to have office door facing other office door. 

Never have pictures of birds.
Never have red doormats.
Never make the staff sit under beams.
Never paint the wall behind the boss blue gray or black.
Never place fish behind the boss. It makes him unstable.
Strictly avoid dark corners in the office.
The head of the office must have a solid wall behind him. 


A pair of kirins is good for protection. (kirins are animals with dragon head horse body & scales of carp, standing on lots of ingots)
Carp fish is good for career.
Elephants are good for support.
Fu dogs and fu loins are good as guards of the house.
Horses coming in are good for good luck.
Mandarin ducks in pair are good for relationship.
Monkey is good for wisdom.
Pair of birds is good for relationship.
Rabbit with babies is good for creativity.
Rat with coins is good for wealth.
Three-legged frog near entrance attracts wealth. 

Bamboo flutes soften the pressure of beams.
Bamboo flutes work as chimes in wood & fire areas.
This is a good remedy for energy pressure from roof. 

Bells create circulation of chi.
Glass bells are good in water and wood area.
Metal bells are good in metal, water and earth areas.
The number of bells in a place depends on kua no. 

Chandeliers are good to introduce lot of light.
Chandeliers are used as a remedy to bring in yang and chi in the living rooms, dining rooms etc.
Chandeliers represent lot of yang.
To reduce stagnation in any area, place lights there. 

Chinese coins are good cures for generating wealth.
Three Chinese coins in purse bring in wealth.
A charm of eight coins in east brings in good luck. 

A little green in the northwest increases support.
A little yellow in bedroom improves communication.
Avoid blue gray and black behind the back& on roof.
Never have blue or black flooring.
Never use red sofas and bed sheets.
Two red candles in southwest help to better relations.
White is a good colour for house as well as office.
Yellow and red colours should not be used for walls. 

Creepers are good to soften the pillars.
Creepers reduce the pressure of beams.
Creepers soften the poison arrows of sharp corners.
Creepers soften the stairs in the house. 

Crystal is the best cure when toilet is in lucky aarea.
Crystal tree in health area help to improve health.
Crystals are cures to enhance earth & metal.
Crystals are good cure when entrance faces window.
Crystals are good near the entrance to collect chi.
Crystals hanging on the windows bring in good chi.
Crystals on study table improve concentration.
Crystals store energy. 

Double happiness symbol enhances marriage.
Double happiness symbol helps good relationship.
Double happiness symbol is good under pillow. 

Dragon heals northwest and east.
Dragon is a symbol of yang and prosperity.
Dragon is good to generate good health.
Green dragon generates total well-being. 

Education tower on study table is good for better concentration and memory.
This also works where the elders suffer memory loss.
This is a good remedy for studying children. 

Fans above the bed must be avoided.
Fans are good to make the chi circulate in any place. 

Fish tanks are good enhancers of career.
Fish tanks with eight goldfish and one black fish in north or southeast is excellent or career and wealth.
The west group people must avoid this cure. 

Flowers in the living room give sheng chi.
Flowers must be avoided in the bedroom.
Flowers used as remedies must be fresh. 

A world map can be used in place of globe.
Globe is good on study table or office table.
Globe is used to enhance earth element.
It is a good idea to have world map in the study room or behind the back of the boss in office.

Different images of master are used for good luck.
Luk, fuk, sou are for luck, prosperity and long life.
Laughing Buddha is for good luck.
Quan yin is for harmony and well being.
Wise men’s boat is used to enhance northeast . 

Mirrors are very powerful but sensitive remedies.
Mirror is good to complete a cut.
Avoid mirror in the unlucky area.
Avoid mirror, reflecting entrance.
Never let mirror reflect the bed or stove.
Mirrors used as cures are round or full size.
Small round mirrors are good as remedies.
We can reflect back poison arrows with mirrors. 

Mobiles are the things that hang and move with air.
Mobiles help the uniform flow of chi.
Places where the chi moves too fast, mobiles soften it 

Hanging mystic knot in the house produces harmony.
Mystic knot symbolizes good luck that never ends.
Placing mystic knot under pillow gives good luck. 

Even an octagon shape at times can work as a pa kua.
Some think that pa kua in the house is inauspicious.
We can hang a Yang pa kua with yin-yang in the center in the house for harmony.
Yin pa kua with a mirror reflects poison arrows.
Yin pa kua with mirror is a remedy for outside the house. 

Birds enhance wind.
Cat enhances wood.
Dog enhances earth.
Pets in the house help chi flow.
Pets must be allowed to be free for Feng Shui use.
Study shows that pets are good for heart problems. 

If the real red bird is not available, its picture will do.
Phoenix is good for fame. 

Child or stars picture in west increases creativity.
Picture of Buddha or Christ is not good for bedroom. 
Picture of mountains in northwest is good for support.
Picture of red roses enhances relations.
Picture of rising sun in east gives good health.
Picture of wars must be avoided in the house.
Two peacocks picture increases chance of marriage.
Waterfall picture in wealth corner is good for wealth. 

Creepers around the pillar soften it.
Creepers on the beam reduce its pressure of chi.
Jed plant in southeast enhances wealth.
Plants can make energy move in stagnant area.
Plants in the corner make the chi circulate well. 

It is all right to keep the right-sided conch in worship.
Right-sided conch cures north or southeast or east.
Right-sided conch is a proven cure for getting wealth. 

If we have to use a tiger, use a tiny image of it.
Tiger is a strong source of yin.
Tiger is a very sensitive and strong remedy.
Tiger is used when dragon becomes too strong. 

Metal turtle in a plate of water helps career & wealth.
Turtle is a cure for career. 

Empty vases near the entrance collect the energy.
The material of vase depends on direction of entrance

Never place waterfall in the bedroom.
Waterfall is a strictly east group remedy.
Waterfalls are good for wealth & career.
Waterfalls circulate chi and bring in good luck.
Waterfalls must be placed in the living rooms. 

A wind chime (ceramic) with 5 rods gives harmony.
A wind chime (glass) with 4 rods gives wealth.
A wind chime (metal) with 1 rod helps career.
A wind chime with 2 rods improves relationship.
For every direction, we use a wind chime of its material or its mother element material, with its number or its mother element number of rods, when we want to enhance the direction.
To tone down a direction, we use the wind chime of its daughter element with its daughter element number of rods. Even the chime of the destroying element of the direction element is good here.
Wind chimes are used to create balance or to heal.


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