A house Blessing Spell

At dawn, rise and light some incense. Walk slowly through the quiet house and say the
following words while visualizing their meaning and intent.

House of stone, metal, wood, and earth
Silent one, protective one, you of the four winds
House of health, wealth, joy and peace
Guardian, sustainer, you of earth
House of stone, metal, wood and earth
Secure one, peaceful one, you of the charm
Guarded and protected you be
Cleansed and put you be
Peaceful and loving you be
It is finished in beauty
It is finished in beauty
It is finished in beauty

Set down the incense and draw as exact a likeness of your house as you can from your
imagination. Draw it from all angles; from above, from the front, from behind. If you live
in an apartment, draw the building as well. When finished, go outside and check your
drawing. Is as accurate as you can make it? If not, draw a new one or make changes until
the drawing satisfies you. No great skill is required, you need only make a recognizable
likeness of your home.

When finished, take a white candle and a sharp knife. Cut seven evenly spaced notches in
the candle so that you create a knobbed candle. Now set the drawing down on a table
where it can remain for seven days. Set the candle on top of it and light it while
visualizing your home as blessed, safe and loving.

Let the candle burn down one notch the first day as you go about your early morning
business, then pinch or snuff out the flame and leave it until the next day. The next
morning, repeat the ritual - from lighting the incense and saying the blessing chant to
burning one candle notch. On the seventh day, after the candle has burned down all the
way, fold the drawing into a tight package and secure it with red or white cord. Place it in
a wooden box with salt and dried roses and tie the box shut with another white cord.
Finally, place the box in the home where it won't be seen or found.


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