Fairy Names H

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Inhabiting the British Isles, who seem to personify winter, are probably survivals of the oldest goddesses. Some turn, like winter into Spring, from hideously ugly old women into beautiful young maidens, and others like Black Annis are cannibalistic. 

One of the names given to the Trows of Orkney and Shetland. 

Used by the Puritans and in later times for wicked goblin spirits, but its more correct use is for the friendly spirits of the Brownie type. Hobgoblin was considered an ill omened word. “Hob” and “Lob” are words meaning the same kind of creature as the Hobgoblin. They are on the whole good humored and ready to be helpful, but fond of practical joking. 

Host, The
See Unseelie Court. 

Incan myth speaks of Huacas, stone forms of sprits or divine beings who watched over fields. 

The huldafolk are fairly reclusive Scandinavian faeriefolk. 

Hyster sprites
Lincolnshire and East Anglian fairies/small and sandy colored, with green eyes.


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